his full name is stephen douglas pardini. 27 years old. graduated from biola december of 2009. grew up in hong kong until he was 18. loves pick up stix or any form of chinese food. doesn't get enough sleep. loves dogs and cats. he's 6'1 and perfectly slender. blue eyes. brown hair. oakland a's fan to the death. loves traveling and has been to several different countires. he doesn't like sweets too much: only ice cream. gives amazing hugs. has two older sisters. always holds my hand and tells me i'm beautiful every single day. (ok, most days. ) loves God. he's super smart but very humble about how smart he actually is. laughs all the time. speaks in dog voices...yea its cute but kind of weird. super pale. loves music. takes me antique shopping even though its a little bit boring to him. he snores. he's thoughtful and loving. drives too fast. loves danica.

my full name is danica keeley pardini. 24 years  old. i'm a preschool teacher in orange county.  loves dogs and doesn't like cats. grew up in orange county. mom is from Argentina. dad is from Ecuador. and no, i don't speak spanish because i'm lame. but stephen is just as bad because he grew up in Hong Kong but doesn't speak that much Cantonese. i'm 5'5, cute and curvy. light brown eyes. dark brown hair. loves antiques. always wants a disney land pass for christmas. loves anything vintage. loves God. likes to sleep in late. sings. has tantrums. i have one sister who is almost 10 years younger. loves baking and cooking.  loves baseball games. go A's! loves traveling and even got to go to San Francisco, Sacramento, Oregon and Washington with stephen! loves church. loves my sunday school class. loves depeche mode and benny goodman and everything in between. has only a couple friends. likes cuddling. loves sweets. loves italian food. reading. blogging. tea. loves surprises. loves stephen.

"For art : Da Vinci. For music: Puccini. For coffee: Pasquini. For Danica: Pardini." - The wise words of Grandpa DeHoop

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