February 2, 2014

here's to happiness

^^hope you all had a very happy weekend! a few things made me happy this weekend....^^

-eating orange sherbert out of my favorite mug
-peacefully watching re-runs of the brady bunch while our neighbors scream over the super bowl
-new haircut
-ordering this hook thing from urban outfitters. our bathroom is tiny and i've been leaving my towels on the bed. (that's a no-no) so i can't wait for this to come!
-my first ever blog challenge
-new glasses
-the iphone camera finally arrived at out house, hopefully the husband will have time soon to fix my camera!
-finally going to trader joes and getting tooth paste ( don't worry we've been brushing )
-having a successful sunday school class today
-pizza dinner date with grandma

can't believe tomorrow is already monday! why do weekends go by so quickly??before i complain though...i do have a day off work this month. thank you mr. president! febuary 17th....hello!

what made you happy this weekend? any optimists out there happy to start the work week?



  1. eep! I just bought two of those initial mugs for my friends that have birthdays this week. :)

    1. Want to buy me another one for my birthday this month??? Haha

  2. Replies
    1. it was! thanks for stopping by christina! xx

  3. Okay....you eat sherbert out of coffee mugs too?!? With as much as we have in common, we are obviously meant to be blog best friends!!! YES!

    1. What?! No way! I've been doing that since I was a kid because the handle is just fun and you don't get sticky and your hands don't get cold! haha

      What state are you in though? If you are in CA then this would SO be a parent trap moment!