January 24, 2014

disney, who?

guess what?? we got knotts berry farm passes!!! 
and we're pretty happy about that!

dear disney land,
i currently hate you because your prices are ridiculous and i can't visit you anymore. which is really depressing because i got engaged in your park and can never relive it now! even when i hear a million people complain about you i've always stuck by your side...but now...i think i'm officially over you! maybe when i'm really wealthy i will love you again but as for now, you've sucked the childhood magic from my soul (and my wallet). good job. 

dear knott's berry farm,
i never thought i would write this because i've always been a disney girl...but you know what??? forget disney! you were the first theme park in southern california anyway so you win. i  currently love you because your passes are the price of one sweatshirt at disney land. you're also not as crowded and your rides are a perfect blend of thrilling and fun. you may not have as many childhood memories i had at disneyland but my wallet is happy so i'm over it. i also love you because now my cute husband and i have a fun date night to go to again. knotts berry farm, you've won my heart.officially a knotts girl. 

p.s happy friday! thank God! i love my kids and my job but this week has been exhausting! i feel horrible saying that too because i had monday off. don't listen to me, sometimes i'm just ungrateful. 


  1. loved your letters! Disney is pricey...not fair! happy weekend! I wrote letters today too, but mine were all to food...lol...yikes :)

    1. Happy weekend to you too! Thanks for the comment. I'll have to check out your letters to food!

  2. I love this! I have always been such a fan of Disneyland, but seriously with in the last couple of years the ticket prices have skyrocketed. It's such a bummer because it is such a wonderfully fun place. Have fun with your Knott's Berry Farm passes, that place is wonderfully fun too!

    1. glad you feel the same way amanda! it's so sad though...i still am a disney girl at heart but i just can't "afford" the "magic" haha