January 29, 2014

grandpa turns 83!

Grandpa DeHoop turned 83 this month and we couldn't celebrate any other way except with lots of meat! around here you can never go wrong with a good ole' fashioned argentine bbq. even better then meat in our family is sweets...out of "miscommunication" my grandma, mom and myself all got a cake for his birthday. there should have been only one but hey...grandpa was very happy about three cakes.
^^stephen learning the bbq from grandpas years of grilling expertise. grandpa can't see anymore so stephen is the one left to take the torch of the argentine bbq. ^^
^^me and grandma^^

^^"where's my other two cakes?"^^
happy 83rd birthday grandpa! we love you!

January 28, 2014

Reason #122 why I love my husband

on account of me working full time and taking two classes at night...this guy is helping out big time. so blessed to have him help me (happily) around the house so i can study, exercise or just take a nap! thank God everyday for this one, i tell yea!

January 26, 2014

i love...

when the husband happily lets me use his iphone a trillion times a day for pictures because mine is broken.

January 25, 2014

January 24, 2014

disney, who?

guess what?? we got knotts berry farm passes!!! 
and we're pretty happy about that!

dear disney land,
i currently hate you because your prices are ridiculous and i can't visit you anymore. which is really depressing because i got engaged in your park and can never relive it now! even when i hear a million people complain about you i've always stuck by your side...but now...i think i'm officially over you! maybe when i'm really wealthy i will love you again but as for now, you've sucked the childhood magic from my soul (and my wallet). good job. 

dear knott's berry farm,
i never thought i would write this because i've always been a disney girl...but you know what??? forget disney! you were the first theme park in southern california anyway so you win. i  currently love you because your passes are the price of one sweatshirt at disney land. you're also not as crowded and your rides are a perfect blend of thrilling and fun. you may not have as many childhood memories i had at disneyland but my wallet is happy so i'm over it. i also love you because now my cute husband and i have a fun date night to go to again. knotts berry farm, you've won my heart.officially a knotts girl. 

p.s happy friday! thank God! i love my kids and my job but this week has been exhausting! i feel horrible saying that too because i had monday off. don't listen to me, sometimes i'm just ungrateful. 

January 22, 2014

lorde, she has some curls!

this is my "little" sister tasmin. 

she is a freshman in high school this year so saying the word "little" is very strange for me. so not only is she gorgeous but has a beautiful and unique name to go with it. i'd like to think i have a beautiful and unique name too but i know deep down it's not as cool as hers. anyway, my sister naturally has gorgeous curly hair kind of like the trendy singer right now Lorde. of course she hates it and wants to straighten her hair everyday and practically has a heart attack if one piece isn't perfect. i tell her (kindly) she's an idiot and is wasting her time. but then i start to remember what it was like when i was in high school. there was a particular group of girls at school that had their hair cut choppy and short, with razor etched bangs that were stiff from way too much product. they were the coolest girls in school and as pathetic as it sounds, i actually looked forward to seeing them each day just to study what they were wearing and try to replicate it. i don't know how but i was actually pretty cool in high school, i loved it and savored every minute of it. i guess the slaving at these girls feet really paid off. even as i write this post my brain is triggering the memory of that smell of burnt hair mixed with product. so gross, the way the smoke comes up and you hear the sizzle of your hair being totally burned and torched! so as tasmin is complaining about her hair to me i'm simultaneously having flashbacks of me slaving over that flat iron at 6:30am before school too. i was as guilty as she is! 

me in high school with the coolest hair cut ever
so looking back though i wish i would have known the scripture i know now. i spent so much time trying to copy and change what was natural instead of focusing on God and what he thinks. my brain thinks of 1 samuel 16 where God tells samuel to not look at the appearance but look at the heart. “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” i don't regret my high school experience at all because it was amazing but i wish i would have looked more at the heart and not the body. it's wonderful to look back and see how God has molded me over the years for His glory. remembering my high school self and relating to tasmins current beauty obsession has been a powerful reflection for me. now i can help her embrace her curls but not taunt her for straightening it because you know what? we've all done it! i can only hope and pray that she sees her beauty and her worth from Christ and not from the cool girls walking by (like i did). it took me awhile to accept the way i look and all my imperfections, i just hope i can be a good example to her as shes in this stage. i'm thankful that i've learned that lesson for myself but can only smile and nod the next time she asks me how her hair looks.  i know someday she will rock those Lorde curls and i'll be one proud sister. 

January 19, 2014

confessions of mother and daughter

yes, i'm 23 ( will be 24 next month ) and i still play Nancy Drew games as religiously as i did when the games were first introduced in the early 2000's. and yes my daughter dog sadie...is reading The Hunger Games. we're pretty much the coolest things in orange county, or the lamest. you choose!

p.s please excuse the annoying black line in the photo...(and every other photo i take with my iphone) i dropped my iphone and must have damaged the inside of the lens. hopefully the handsome geeky husband can figure out how to fix it with a new camera. i'm sure he can, because he's awesome like that.

love, danica