November 18, 2013

our 1st wedding anniversary

we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary a few months back but haven't had time to post photos. stephen did a wonderful job planning this little romantic get-away. stephen and i drove up the central coast where we stayed at a beautiful little inn right along the shore. the town we were staying in was called cambria. we walked along the beach, enjoyed the fireplace in our room, dined at a very fine restaurant and even did some antique shopping. one of the great perks of having a loving and generous husband is hearing the words, "if you see anything you like, you just get it okay, hun?" i got a beautiful vintage casserole dish with light blue designs on the sides and an antique cookbook from the 1930's. the next day we drove into san simeon where we toured the very famous hearst castle! i loved that place as a child but had even more fun touring it as an adult. we couldn't help but picture a great gatsby lifestyle as we toured, imagine what it would have been like to be a guest at the castle when mr.hearts was still alive! i'm so happy that it is open to the public now, the dreamers like me are very appreciative! there is nothing like going on adventures with my favorite person in the world. we had so much fun and it was a joy to spend some quality time with my amazing husband of now a year and a half!
 this cutie is happy about finally going on our anniversary weekend!
the outside of our little inn

and the inside. we loved that fireplace!

one of the views of the coast on our walk on the beach
my handsome husband of a year already!
can't get enough of these views and how beautiful the shore was
being a little adventurous

the beautiful (and pricey) moonstone beach grill. it was amazing!
the view from our table outside at the restaurant. i've never eaten somewhere so fancy and so close to the ocean, stephen did such a great job planning! the waiters brought us a big comfy blanket so we could snuggle and watch the sunset from our seats. such a beautiful night!
thank you for dinner babe!

cute tiny chapel in the middle of nowhere, well san simeon
come and see the adorable elephant seals along the cambria coast!

the amazing architecture of hearst castle
mr.hearst was a collector of art, boy were they stunning!
the formal dining room where he would entertain guests ( movie starts, big time publishers and big time folk of the day)
hearts had beautiful gardens with stunning statues and art
top part of the pool modeled by the his love of roman culture
i would give anything to have been a guest of mr.hearst and swim in this pool

enjoying our anniversary weekend

wedding were beautiful.
love, danica

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