September 22, 2013

bikes, bridges and eugene o neill house

a couple weeks ago stephen and i made a little road trip up to the bay area to visit uncle don and his dad dave for the labor day weekend. this is our second year in a row we've visiting over labor day weekend so we're pretty much set on making it a tradition now. stephen and i did alcatraz and the golden gate last year so this year we did something a little more low key and relaxing. this year we stayed local in the town uncle don lives in (danville). the town is adorable with all sorts of cute little shops and tons of young families riding around on bikes and relaxing around outside. it's a pretty expensive town now a days but it didn't stop me from dreaming of living there someday! we took a little tour downtown danville where they have an old train museum and a bus you could take on a tour to the eugene o neill house. i had never heard of him but apparently we heard word on the street that the tour was remarkable. i have a thing for history and historic homes so it was a must! we took the bus over through these 3-4 million dollar homes in the hills of danville to come to this gorgeous mansion that belonged to the famous playwright eugene o neill. the house was incredible and just fell in love with all the furniture and decor of the rooms just as it was left. we enjoyed learning the history about the house and what kind of man this playwright was. the next day we took the bart to san Francisco since the bay bridge was closed for the weekend. we wanted to do something a little more low key this time so stephen made reservations for a bike rental so we could ride around the city. we got a really early start so we were riding bikes for about 6 hours! we rode all around the city and explored as freely as we wanted, it was so much fun! i was sore the next day, granted all those hills but it was so worth it. i loved riding bikes around the city and watching all the people go about their daily lives. i'm totally weird but i always try and peep my head around and see if i can peer through teh windows of those old Victorian homes in the san Fransisco and catch a glimpse of what it looks like inside. i'd die if we could live in san Fransisco! it would be a dream. then after a glorious bike ride we took uncle don and dave to an a's game. nothing much to say about the a's game but they won! stephen got us foam  fingers....right after the miley cyrus was a little awkward. but we had a good time. haha. all in all we had another great weekend in the bay area with uncle don. it was also a blessing that dave happened to be there while we planned our trip. i love seeing stephen with family. its rare so when he does get a chance to be near his "roots" it fills my heart with joy. can't wait until next year when we go up there again.
^^the stunning eugene o neill house from the front view. i would show pictures of the inside but there wasn't alot of light. oh well. ^^
^^stephen sitting outside the house in view of the 1900's barn house where eugene held play rehearsals in his day. ^^

^^riding through the palace of fine arts on a windy day.^^

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