July 6, 2013

the summer so far:

^^first of all my beautiful grandma dehoop turned 83. we had a big birthday party at their house with argentine bbq ( of course ) and grandpa invited all her friends from when they first came to this country. it was super cute.it was fun to see grandma and grandpa in their element talking with old friends and having a good time. she loved all her presents with mine being her favorite...dr.phils newest book "life code" that he advertises about every 50 seconds on the show. what can i say though, we both love that show.^^
 ^^and other big news around here is my little sister tasmin just graduated from junior high this year. seriously still in shock over this...honestly...it may be because i loved high school so much and try to re-live those days but it really feels like i just got out of high school. so how can i barely leave high school and she enters it? impossible, so therefor i have been out of high school for some time and my sister is no longer a baby! i definitely felt flattered when the lady at the front gate taking the graduation tickets knew exactly who i was. "you must be tasmins sister...you look just liker her!" she is seriously gorgeous and yes both of our lashes are real.^^
^^also as of late so far this summer we've been doing alot more family outings. they nearly kill me every time but i guess its worth it. the picture on the left is ice cream after a hike at crystal cove and the right is a marathon we did in irvine. it was like over 90 degrees that day, and yes i'll admit it on my blog. i threw up after. whats even funnier is after the marathon we went to eat at a popular little mexican place where we ran into a couple from our church. interesting moment of "hiiiii how are you guys." (by the way, dont go in the restaurant bathroom...i just barfed in there.)^^
^^ also this summer i've done alot of complaining that i don't have any summer clothes i like. i know we're spoiled here in the o.c but seriously, i had nothing that looked good on me and i hate showing my arms which indicate i hate the season. my wonderful husband saw how distraught i was over not feeling pretty in anything for the hot season and asked if i wanted to go to forever 21 to get something. uhm, best husband ever award definitely goes to him. music to my ears! i got a few things and even got spoiled with a couple necklaces from francesca's (pictured below). if you ask me, this summer has been rolling along great! happy summer everyone!^^

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