July 17, 2013

saide turns 6!

^^july 5th sadie turned 6! the 4th of july we had a ton of fun and sort of celebrated her that day as well. but on her actual birthday ( my husband is so cute ) he gets off early on fridays during the summer so after work he took sadie to get a new toy and this adorable "birthday" bandana at petsmart. she loved and it and luckily it just goes around her neck. had it been on her head she would have torn it off in seconds.^^

^^we took sadie to one of our favorite restaurants that dogs themed. i'm sure i've talked about it before (called lazy dog cafe) and the restaurant actually has a special dog menu where the owners can order them either rice and meat or little sliders. sadie had so much fun hanging out with other dogs on the patio and enjoying being outside. we ordered her just the rice and she scarfed it. she made friends with a hige dog next to us so when we left we gave her remaining rice to the big dog. i'm sure he was very thankful.^^

^^after all the celebrating said was a tired doggie. fell right asleep on the ottoman as soon as we got home. it sure was fun celebrating her birthday. it may seem usual because shes not a human but for now, she is like our little baby and it was in fact her first birthday with us in our family so we went all out! we love this little dog so much and shes such a joy. i can't believe she has been our dog for over 8 months now, time flies when you're having fun!^^


  1. aw, so sweet! my sister celebrates her puppy's birthday on the 4th of july, too! :) i hope you are well.


    1. how cute, i love to hear that others celebrate their doggies birthday too! xx thanks jenna