May 12, 2013

sadie hits the beach

Day at Laguna Beach from Danica Pardini on Vimeo.

last sunday we all had a spontaneous trip to laguna beach to hang out after church. we haven't had sadie in the summer yet so we were curious to see how she'd like the sand. stephen tried to get her to go near the water but she practically pulled the leash lightening speed in the other direction. she did love running on the beach with her fur in the wind like any other dog. she met a few friends and enjoyed being with all the family. it's weird how dogs know who they're extended family is. we all did alot of walking, laughing and window shopping. a great day with family.

and p.s we're moving! this apartment has been fun for our first year of marriage ( oh yea, it's my first wedding anniversary today, eep!) but now we are moving up and out by God's grace into a nicer fit for us. we move next saturday, more to post later! anyways, enjoy your weekend.

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