April 17, 2013

life lately, according to MY IPHONE

 ^^that's right! that is my very own iphone 5. first iphone ever and i love it. obsessed really. and the way i got it was so cute! stephen surprised me at work so i found this little gem in my mailbox in the teachers lounge with this sweet little note. my husband is amazing and i love my iphone so far!^^
^^my gorgeous mom and sister at an italian restaurunt we found in huntington beach. the food was amazing and a pretty decent price if you get lunch. we got champagne and desert for free. i guess thats what we get when we go with four gorgeous argentine women. hehe.^^
^^new dish towels and babies breath in baby mason jars.^^

^^sister trouble with lip color to match (and the cute italian place)^^
^^gorgeous grandma and the best italian food. especially when you get stuff for free. ^^

^^stephen and i discovered a new mexican hole in the wall called hole mole. pronounced like if you saw a big spider. holee! molee! seriously best tacos ever. i swear they put in crack in their taco sauce. we've been there several times in one week. not to mention its literally downstairs and next door to our apartment. practically room service.^^

^^i've probably gained a few but it's ok. because doughnuts are awesome after church.^^
^^goodnight kisses for our sadie girl. she gets jealous and likes to crawl right in between us in bed. shes a spoiled girl and daddy always lets her stay. ^^
i'm feeling so blessed looking at a few of these photos and so thankful for all these small memories captured by a phone. who ever thought a small device would be such a huge part of your everyday life? well, i'm thankful for it and i love my family and life has been wonderful. thank you God! for always being good.

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