February 16, 2013

valentines day

valentines day was so much fun especially because it was our first valentines day as a married couple. lots of bonus points there. anyways, we've never been super big on valentines day especially because flowers and dinner costs double and restaurants are super crowded and frankly, i think it's a little overrated but we still celebrated in our own way. stephen and i planned a casual stay at home date. we went to trader joes and bought wine, cheese and crackers and for desert...some super cute heart shaped cookies. we ordered pizza from our favorite pizza place ( how romantic!) and watched t.v. that may sound lame but it was so much fun just stay at home and have a romantic appetizer. stephen got me some chocolates and sadie got some cute valentines day toys. she literally rips her toys to shreds in just a few weeks so she was happy to get some new ones. she loved them immediately and it was so cute to find her surrounded by all of them. shes adorable, and i can't stop taking pictures of her. anyways, hope your valentines day was fun. i have something else to post about sadie but i'll have to leave that for later because pretty soon we have to go to the store to get some things for our camping trip this weekend! i'm very excited but we'll see how it goes...it will be my first camping experience. wish my husband luck!

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