February 20, 2013

hi ojai! (our camping trip)

over the long weekend after valentines day stephen took us camping in wheelers gorge in ojai ca. ojai is a really funny word and when we passed ojai high school on the way to the campground we started cracking up. "i go to ojai high!" and saying it over and over again like total nerds. if you didn't catch on ojai is pronounced "oh-hi". hilarious. anyways, we had a great time and i'm in the process of making a video about our adventure so stay tuned for that. so this would be my first time camping and i have to admit i was a little bit scared when i had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and unzipped our tent and to see nothing but pitch black and forest. we stayed for 2 days and 1 night. believe me, that was enough. it was hard packing for breakfast lunch and dinner in a cooler...can't imagine how hard it would be if i had to pack food for a few days...hence 1 night was enough. we hiked, made a campfire and made smores. sadie had a blast as well and snuggled up with us in the tent. there was no way in heck i was letting her sleep outside to get eaten by a bear or something.
^^ sadie was all set for camping with her warm jacket and dress that says "my mom's a fox"^^

camping was a great experience for us as a little family. we built the tent together and learned how to start a fire. it's fun when you get opportunities to work together with your spouse and learn more about them. stephen is my best friend and no matter what we do together we have a blast. he was definitely the perfect person for me to go with on my first camping trip. hands down. over all it was so nice to just take a short weekend trip away from technology, work, church ( sorry God ) and all the distractions and just focus on us as a couple. i loved sitting by the fire and looking up at the stars with my husband and our little fur baby. life has been very busy and we really needed a break. something about being outdoors and with no distractions really helps me relax. i'm not super outdoorsy but it does give me a sense of belonging. a sense of stillness in my soul that is such a great gift from God. it was so wonderful just enjoying the views and quality time with my hubby. stephen asked me if i'd ever want to go again...i said yes. to his surprise.
^^enjoying some indie rock while sadie curls up in a ball on daddy's lap. her favorite place ^^
^^can't help but praise our Father seeing this incredible view on our hike near the campground^^
^^camping food rocks! i wish i could have hot dogs and smores everyday!^^
^^yes. we are completely obsessed with our dog. sorry!^^


  1. You know? I am ashamedly not as much of an outdoors person as I'd like to be. But people like you make camping look like a lot of fun! Now I want to! When it's not 30 degrees at night anymore.

  2. love these photos!!