February 21, 2013

camping film

so...no idea why the screen to this video is all weird but it does play fine. here is a film i made ( very amateur ) of our time at wheeler gorge last weekend. :)

Our First Camping Trip from Danica Pardini on Vimeo.

February 20, 2013

hi ojai! (our camping trip)

over the long weekend after valentines day stephen took us camping in wheelers gorge in ojai ca. ojai is a really funny word and when we passed ojai high school on the way to the campground we started cracking up. "i go to ojai high!" and saying it over and over again like total nerds. if you didn't catch on ojai is pronounced "oh-hi". hilarious. anyways, we had a great time and i'm in the process of making a video about our adventure so stay tuned for that. so this would be my first time camping and i have to admit i was a little bit scared when i had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and unzipped our tent and to see nothing but pitch black and forest. we stayed for 2 days and 1 night. believe me, that was enough. it was hard packing for breakfast lunch and dinner in a cooler...can't imagine how hard it would be if i had to pack food for a few days...hence 1 night was enough. we hiked, made a campfire and made smores. sadie had a blast as well and snuggled up with us in the tent. there was no way in heck i was letting her sleep outside to get eaten by a bear or something.
^^ sadie was all set for camping with her warm jacket and dress that says "my mom's a fox"^^

camping was a great experience for us as a little family. we built the tent together and learned how to start a fire. it's fun when you get opportunities to work together with your spouse and learn more about them. stephen is my best friend and no matter what we do together we have a blast. he was definitely the perfect person for me to go with on my first camping trip. hands down. over all it was so nice to just take a short weekend trip away from technology, work, church ( sorry God ) and all the distractions and just focus on us as a couple. i loved sitting by the fire and looking up at the stars with my husband and our little fur baby. life has been very busy and we really needed a break. something about being outdoors and with no distractions really helps me relax. i'm not super outdoorsy but it does give me a sense of belonging. a sense of stillness in my soul that is such a great gift from God. it was so wonderful just enjoying the views and quality time with my hubby. stephen asked me if i'd ever want to go again...i said yes. to his surprise.
^^enjoying some indie rock while sadie curls up in a ball on daddy's lap. her favorite place ^^
^^can't help but praise our Father seeing this incredible view on our hike near the campground^^
^^camping food rocks! i wish i could have hot dogs and smores everyday!^^
^^yes. we are completely obsessed with our dog. sorry!^^

February 16, 2013

sick dog and super husband

^^ as cute as this picture is.....the scene in which i'm about describe wasn't so cute. ^^

 people say that having a dog or pet is great practice for being a parent someday. boy were they right! but don't get me wrong, being a dog mommy has been very rewarding but the other night was a disaster to remember. so here goes the story: 
i was sleeping. duh. it's what i do best. and the first thing that wakes me up is the sound of stephen scrubbing the carpet and in a panicky voice, "sadie, what's going on!?", "oh God, Sadie!". i look at my phone on my nightstand and it's 2:15 am. i am a good wife so i get out of bed to see what the heck is going on. my nose has been stuffy but it didn't take long to smell the aroma that was lingering in the apartment. i walk over to the kitchen where stephen was kneeling in front of her tring to get her to drink water. apparently sadie threw up and crapped in the apartment. i saw the panic on his face but then i saw sadie. she looked like one of those dirty sad and disgusting dogs you see on the streets. her beard was all wet and grimy and she looked so depressed and scared. she was certainly acting weird and sluggish. i started to worry and we didn't know what to do so we Google "dog threw up and diarrhea" and apparently learned that this is common for dogs. we sighed with relief but she still looked so sad. her beard had her throw up in it. ( sorry, tmi ) so we decided to give her a quick bath. mind you it's now 3:00am and we are both up giving sadie a bath and still freaking out. as we were giving her a bath i thought to myself...wow. we are giving our dog a bath at 3:00am. we have to wake up in 4 hours for work. we're going to be the best parents ever! well, granted having a baby is much harder then having a dog i can imagine, but still! i felt very proud of us. after we dried sadie off we both got back into bed. i was so proud of stephen. he had cleaned up the poo and throw up and was taking care of sadie on his own all before i even woke up. all i did was google something and then suggest to give her a bath. he was the one that woke up out of bed by the dog, cleaned it up and took care of her all without waking me up or making me worry. stephen is seriously the best husband in the world. i don't try to brag or anything but i honestly don't know how God blessed me with him. exasperated but happy it was over, we laid down next to each other and let out a huge sigh. i think we both had a proud moment that we would remember forever. we worked as a team and we took care of sadie. having sadie has brought us so much closer. we're taking care of this cute little living thing and it's amazing she's still alive! ha. i leaned over and kissed him and told him he'd be such a good dad someday. 
in the morning we checked on sadie and she seemed to be like her normal self. wagging her tail, bright eyed and all ready to play with the trillion toys she has. we still weren't sure so stephen checked on her on his lunch break. stephen dropped her off at my parents house during his lunch hour in case she had any more accidents. my mom is the best dog person ever so he knew sadie would have fun at "grandmas" house while we were at work. i just think thats so cute how stephen was still so worried about her and brought her over to my parents just to make sure she was looked after, after she had been so sick. fur daddy award! i love my husband and i love my dog. the end.

valentines day

valentines day was so much fun especially because it was our first valentines day as a married couple. lots of bonus points there. anyways, we've never been super big on valentines day especially because flowers and dinner costs double and restaurants are super crowded and frankly, i think it's a little overrated but we still celebrated in our own way. stephen and i planned a casual stay at home date. we went to trader joes and bought wine, cheese and crackers and for desert...some super cute heart shaped cookies. we ordered pizza from our favorite pizza place ( how romantic!) and watched t.v. that may sound lame but it was so much fun just stay at home and have a romantic appetizer. stephen got me some chocolates and sadie got some cute valentines day toys. she literally rips her toys to shreds in just a few weeks so she was happy to get some new ones. she loved them immediately and it was so cute to find her surrounded by all of them. shes adorable, and i can't stop taking pictures of her. anyways, hope your valentines day was fun. i have something else to post about sadie but i'll have to leave that for later because pretty soon we have to go to the store to get some things for our camping trip this weekend! i'm very excited but we'll see how it goes...it will be my first camping experience. wish my husband luck!

February 8, 2013

friday night sushi date

  so we're driving home from work. ( yes, we carpool ) and he asks what's for dinner. 
me:i was planning on making soup. him:what kind of soup? me: vegetable soup. him: (sigh). me:what did you have in mind honey? him: i want to take you out. (cute flirty grin). me: ( not taking long to visualize my cleaning of pots and pans and slaving over the stove.) OK!
it also didn't take long for us to decide where we wanted to go. if you can picture two thought bubbles simultaneously shouting "REVOLVING SUSHI"...that was it. even if it's because he doesn't want my  vegetable soup for dinner it still makes me melt when i hear the words "i wanna take you out". nothing is better than a easy and fun date on a friday night. but i was definitely ready for revolving sushi. probably the coolest thing in the world, at least in my opinion. my mom introduced me to this style of eating sushi and i have never turned back! if you don't know what revolving sushi is: you basically sit down and in front of you is a bunch of sushi on tiny plates that goes around on a conveyer belt thing. you pick up one that you like (no ordering necessary. if it looks yummy, you grab it!) and you eat it. eventually you rack up a bunch of tiny plates and at the end of your meal you tally up the number of plates you have which equate to how much you pay. each plate is about $1 to $2 which is pretty good considering you're getting some gnarly authentic sushi. so authentic...some of the sushi looks really disgusting. resembling tongues and fingers and slime? so disgusting that i try not to look at it as it rolls by. that may seem silly but i'm a little squeamish. anyways, it's super fun and beats any sushi place if your looking for the cool factor. by the way, you can always tell the cool factor when there are a ton of hip fashion forward asians eating there. this is always a good sign. with stephen growing up in hong kong i'm sure he's no stranger to the  revolving sushi atmosphere but he loves it too. he likes showing off how many plates he has. he always beats me but so what.
so that was our friday night. as for updates, we've been super busy this week and it feels so good that it's finally friday. the weekend forecast is busy as well ( when is it not ) but i'll be on the sofa for as long as i can tomorrow and soak up some laziness before sunday when i have to be at church all day. don't get me wrong, i love serving at church but sometimes i wish i had a full weekend to do absolutely nothing. you know? anyways, that's my life and i'm blessed so no complaining but yea, it's friday. i went on an awesome date with my husband and i'm happy. have a great friday!