January 30, 2013

special disney moments

 (1.25.13) i love this picture above. not just because it's vintage and completely candid but because it's my family. the gorgeous model pushing the stroller is my grandma. the little girl in the stroller would be my mom. the boy next to her would be my uncle. and the little old lady next to my grandma is my grandpa's mom. no clue what her name is but she must have been visiting them in Huntington Beach from Argentina during the time this photo was taken. and last but not least...the place in the background? some people call it magical. some people call it the happiest place on earth. you all guessed it! disney land. it's been awhile since Grandma has been to disney land. okay truth, 1970-something wasn't the last time she's been to disney land but it's been a pretty long time. probably not since i was very young like maybe 8-ish. oh disney land. there really is something about disney land that sparks a comforting joy in my heart. always makes you feel young again. no cares in the world. maybe it is magical. but all i can say is....this picture is special to me. just like any old candid photo from your family...it tells alot.....even if you weren't even a thought yet. anyways, yesterday we took grandma to disney land just us girls. ( being grandma, my mom, my sister and myself).we had a great time and it was so cute to see Grandma rave about all the fun she was having. since we got her a wheelchair she had a blast and she didn't have to get tired or take breaks which made her enjoy her time more. she loved being rolled around and "treated like a queen by her three best friends" as she put it. not only was it a joy that Grandma was having fun but the wheelchair had some serious advantages. like cutting in front of every stinkin' line! we probably went on every ride when usually friday's you're lucky if you can get on just a couple. it was also raining (which explains the messy hair ) so there was not too many people there. i had planned this day off to take Grandma to disney land a few months back so when i saw it was going to rain the day i had planned, i was crushed. i was mad and in a bad mood but i prayed God would help change my attitude and that He would allow my Grandma (despite the rain) to be comfortable and have a great time. and she did! praise the Lord in all honesty though because it didn't actually rain hard or very much at all. just small sprinkles every now and then so it was no biggie. i will never forget this day and i wish we could do things like that more often. i honestly hadn't been to disney land during the day in years. i've had a disney pass from time to time but always went during the evening after work...but being there in the day when there are still characters and shows out....made me feel like a kid again! disney land in the day is just so different for me. i may be too sentimental of my childhood memories but hey, i enjoy reminiscing. anyway, here are some pictures to share with you of our day. it's not much but honestly we had too much fun to thoroughly document the whole thing...which in my opinion is a positive! p.s i found more old pictures of my Grandma and mom at disney land and thought it was cool to post them side by side. :)

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  1. awwww what fun! i love that everyone is dressed up in the first photo! disney is oh so great!!!