January 7, 2013

praising God for 2012, looking forward to 2013

i have been the laziest blogger on the planet lately and i feel awful but see the little device up above? yep. blame that thing. i got it for Christmas ( well kind of an early birthday present as well ) and it has kindly taken over my life. stephen honestly got me the best presents this year. a very nice flat iron, cd's i've been wanting for months, an old navy gift card, a movie and the ipad mini. ( angles sing when you read the part "ipad mini". ) thank God for my wonderful husband who knows me and knows the things i want. he is seriously amazing and our first Christmas was pretty amazing. i know it's super late but whatever, this is my blog and i can post how ever late i want! here is a picture of our first Christmas ornament from etsy and a few pictures of our Christmas this year. we all wore our pj's ( including sadie ). it was so cute and i loved having our very own little Christmas before we went to my parents house. sadie actually loved her gifts and couldn't wait to play with her new toys. she was like a little kid and stayed right near the tree the entire time we were opening presents. it felt like at that moment we were officially a little family. i love it! but anyhow, i'm feeling so blessed lately and motivated for the new year. God has has been so good to us and i'm amazed when i look back to 2012. God led us to a new church which is now our home church in tustin, we got married, we got sadie, we both got great jobs....so many great milestones this year and i'm so thankful for every single one of them. long story short, praising God for 2012. looking forward  to 2013. now here's some pics!


  1. Cute blog! I would love to button swap!

  2. awwwwww look at her pj's?! so cute. glad you had your own little christmas this year. so sweet and so fun!

  3. What a fun Christmas!! I love your new iPad, it looks so pretty! Also, your apartment is darling, I want to see pictures of it! I am your newest follower, love your blog, glad I found it! :)

    1. funny you say you want to see pictures of our nest....new post!