January 30, 2013

special disney moments

 (1.25.13) i love this picture above. not just because it's vintage and completely candid but because it's my family. the gorgeous model pushing the stroller is my grandma. the little girl in the stroller would be my mom. the boy next to her would be my uncle. and the little old lady next to my grandma is my grandpa's mom. no clue what her name is but she must have been visiting them in Huntington Beach from Argentina during the time this photo was taken. and last but not least...the place in the background? some people call it magical. some people call it the happiest place on earth. you all guessed it! disney land. it's been awhile since Grandma has been to disney land. okay truth, 1970-something wasn't the last time she's been to disney land but it's been a pretty long time. probably not since i was very young like maybe 8-ish. oh disney land. there really is something about disney land that sparks a comforting joy in my heart. always makes you feel young again. no cares in the world. maybe it is magical. but all i can say is....this picture is special to me. just like any old candid photo from your family...it tells alot.....even if you weren't even a thought yet. anyways, yesterday we took grandma to disney land just us girls. ( being grandma, my mom, my sister and myself).we had a great time and it was so cute to see Grandma rave about all the fun she was having. since we got her a wheelchair she had a blast and she didn't have to get tired or take breaks which made her enjoy her time more. she loved being rolled around and "treated like a queen by her three best friends" as she put it. not only was it a joy that Grandma was having fun but the wheelchair had some serious advantages. like cutting in front of every stinkin' line! we probably went on every ride when usually friday's you're lucky if you can get on just a couple. it was also raining (which explains the messy hair ) so there was not too many people there. i had planned this day off to take Grandma to disney land a few months back so when i saw it was going to rain the day i had planned, i was crushed. i was mad and in a bad mood but i prayed God would help change my attitude and that He would allow my Grandma (despite the rain) to be comfortable and have a great time. and she did! praise the Lord in all honesty though because it didn't actually rain hard or very much at all. just small sprinkles every now and then so it was no biggie. i will never forget this day and i wish we could do things like that more often. i honestly hadn't been to disney land during the day in years. i've had a disney pass from time to time but always went during the evening after work...but being there in the day when there are still characters and shows out....made me feel like a kid again! disney land in the day is just so different for me. i may be too sentimental of my childhood memories but hey, i enjoy reminiscing. anyway, here are some pictures to share with you of our day. it's not much but honestly we had too much fun to thoroughly document the whole thing...which in my opinion is a positive! p.s i found more old pictures of my Grandma and mom at disney land and thought it was cool to post them side by side. :)

January 19, 2013

our dirty laundry

this is pretty much a wife fail post and i'm sure some of you can relate.when we got married only 8 months ago our apartment was spotless. maybe because i wanted to show stephen he married the cleanest person in the world (didn't fool him on that one)  or we didn't have as much stuff as we do now. it could be a mix of both , but anyways this post is sad and hilarious in it's own way. i just had to take these before and after pictures. (by the way the before pictures are when we first moved in. it was a little house tour to show friends and family our new nest). anyways, this shows you what only 8 months of marriage, working full time, trying to exercise, cooking dinner every night, serving at church, walking Sadie and taking college courses looks like:
i hope you feel super loved readers because my parents haven't even seen our true colors yet. but, actually. i take that back. my parents lived with me for 22 years....i'm sure they wouldn't be surprised i don't put the laundry away until a week later or that i leave target bags and lunch boxes on the table. this seriously scares me though! we got a dog and it's only been 8 months of marriage.....what will our apartment look like after 8 years of marriage???? and kids????!!! i always said i'm going to teach my kids to be clean, as close to Leave It To Beaver as i could. well, i guess our kids are screwed. and now the best before and after picture yet! the bedroom: tada!
i'm going to try and balance my life a little better..but honestly...who can do all the things most women do (list above) and not get any help? (like professional help). anybody want to get hired as a cleaning lady once a month for a deep cleaning? i mean my husband helps a lot more then the average man probably does. ( bless his heart ) but when do i seriously have time to scrub the base boards or dust behind the windows? wife fail. i feel like i can't do it all...which i can't but i'm doing my best to stay positive and pray someday i'll be able to stay home and be the perfect housewife. but let's be honest here, even if i was a stay at home wife....that laundry still wouldn't be put away for another week. bleh!

January 7, 2013

praising God for 2012, looking forward to 2013

i have been the laziest blogger on the planet lately and i feel awful but see the little device up above? yep. blame that thing. i got it for Christmas ( well kind of an early birthday present as well ) and it has kindly taken over my life. stephen honestly got me the best presents this year. a very nice flat iron, cd's i've been wanting for months, an old navy gift card, a movie and the ipad mini. ( angles sing when you read the part "ipad mini". ) thank God for my wonderful husband who knows me and knows the things i want. he is seriously amazing and our first Christmas was pretty amazing. i know it's super late but whatever, this is my blog and i can post how ever late i want! here is a picture of our first Christmas ornament from etsy and a few pictures of our Christmas this year. we all wore our pj's ( including sadie ). it was so cute and i loved having our very own little Christmas before we went to my parents house. sadie actually loved her gifts and couldn't wait to play with her new toys. she was like a little kid and stayed right near the tree the entire time we were opening presents. it felt like at that moment we were officially a little family. i love it! but anyhow, i'm feeling so blessed lately and motivated for the new year. God has has been so good to us and i'm amazed when i look back to 2012. God led us to a new church which is now our home church in tustin, we got married, we got sadie, we both got great jobs....so many great milestones this year and i'm so thankful for every single one of them. long story short, praising God for 2012. looking forward  to 2013. now here's some pics!