December 2, 2012

thanksgiving pictures

i know, it's super late to post these. it's already decemember 2nd! i've been so busy but here are some thanksgiving was small this year like usual since my most of my moms side moved to WA state and my dad had to work this year so it was just me, stephen, tasmin, mom and gma and gpa. it was nice though. one of the best thanksgivings ever actually.  so here they are, better late then never i guess. we still haven't gotten any christmas decorations because there has been a lot of things going on this weekend like major dental surgery, a huge concert and church all day. it kinda bums me out so everybody's Christmas pictures but i'll get there eventually. just hoping we can afford some decorations and presents for family members. but you know what? if we have to so a nice home made card for some be it! about to go to grandmas house for our traditional sunday night dinner but i'll post later.


  1. lovely! looks like it was a grand feast :)

  2. What a cute blog!
    We don't have thanksgiving in New Zealand so I love looking at thanksgiving photos!