December 24, 2012

bath time

it's Christmas eve! and sadie got her first bath at home so she will be nice, clean and smelling good for grandma's house tonight. shes been getting fleas too so we got her a good shampoo. she was actually very good for her bath and didn't shake at all or seem nervous when we poured the water straight over her head. sadie was a very good girl and it was fun working together to give her a bath. it was also super cute to see our baby all wet. we love her. so sadie is clean, but i'm not. i haven't showered in a couple days so i think it's time i take a bath too. i can't let sadie learn from my bad showering habits. my hair is super gross but at least my dog is clean! wrapping is done, presents ready to go. time to celebrate! p.s can't wait to show you sadie's special Christmas dress! ahh! can't handle the cuteness! hope you all have a very merry Christmas eve!


  1. your blog is darling! Love those little puppies in the bath!

  2. haha how cute!!! i love your pictures & the layout of your blog!

    new follower :)

    1. thank you so much! you are too sweet jenna.