December 24, 2012

bath time

it's Christmas eve! and sadie got her first bath at home so she will be nice, clean and smelling good for grandma's house tonight. shes been getting fleas too so we got her a good shampoo. she was actually very good for her bath and didn't shake at all or seem nervous when we poured the water straight over her head. sadie was a very good girl and it was fun working together to give her a bath. it was also super cute to see our baby all wet. we love her. so sadie is clean, but i'm not. i haven't showered in a couple days so i think it's time i take a bath too. i can't let sadie learn from my bad showering habits. my hair is super gross but at least my dog is clean! wrapping is done, presents ready to go. time to celebrate! p.s can't wait to show you sadie's special Christmas dress! ahh! can't handle the cuteness! hope you all have a very merry Christmas eve!

December 12, 2012

weekend in pictures: citrus grove park

p.s we are learning more and more about sadie. we found this weekend she can FLY. she looks like falcor in the picture above ( from the never ending story movie ). anyways, time for some Christmas shopping since stephen is up in LA tonight for work. bye!

December 8, 2012

life lately, sadie is human and we finally got decoartions!

it finally feels like Christmas time around the pardini apartment! we don't have a tree yet but my mom gave me a cute little table tree which i decorated with some beads and small ornaments. i set it in the middle of the table as sort of a decoration. my mom also gave me some festive leaves, bows and some other things just to start us off with. i also set out our very first christmas card ( from the willhites ) on the table to add to the christmas cheer. so thankful my mom gave me some things to start out with! as you could see from the last post we weren't in the Christmas spirit yet but now we are in full swing. the other day we got a few good deals on Christmas stuff at Walgreen's and we were pretty stoked on that. we're pretty good at not buying anything unless is cheap or on sale...helps allot actually. anyways, we got a wreath for the door, lights for our front window, a nativity scene, garland and these cute gooey window decals of frosty and some snowflakes. the window is pretty large in the front ( it's like our only window ) so we are going to go back and get more decals to fill in the space. it was fun putting everything together and even though it's only a few things, it means allot to us because this is our first Christmas! i'm just thankful we even have enough money to buy silly decorations so yea it's special and i love seeing the decorations in my own home.
i think sadie likes Christmas so far too. she got excited when we brought all the decorations home but soon thought it was overrated because usually when we get home we love on her right away but the other night we went straight for decorating and she wasn't too happy about that. she was like , "um, you're supposed to play with me and adore me right when you get home!". she started doing this low growl/howl thing when she gets excited and she lets out this little soft, low bark when she's trying to get our attention. but i think she forgave us for ignoring her for a little bit that day because sadie loved her Christmas attire! i bought this cute Christmas dress and pajamas at target. i know, i'm terrible. i went there for hair product, fruit and cream of wheat and came out with these two cute outfits. i couldn't help it, they were adorable and i was immediately obsessed. so here we are, sadie has Christmas pj's to wear Christmas eve and a nice party dress for Christmas day. aren't i the best dog mommy ever? she looked so stinking cute in the pajamas, stephen and i were gawking for at least an hour. i love the snowflakes, the little leg/arm holes and the ruffles. the ruffles are my favorite. i have personally never seen a dog in pajamas but i honestly think every dog should wear pajamas. we're humans, we wear pajamas. we treat our dogs like humans, so i think they should wear pajamas too! but seriously, i love target. i would take a bullet for target. i would marry target. i live for target! ( crazy madwoman laugh ).
 anyways, oh yea another thing sadie has been doing lately that's so funny is: when we are at work all day she gathers our shoes and brings them on top of the ottoman and puts them in a neat little pile. i don't know if shes hinting at like, "c'mon guys, it's not that hard to tidy up your shoes." or if she's just bored, or if she misses us but it was funny anyhow. she does that consistently ( along with knocking her water bowl over ) so now we leave a couple shoes behind on purpose so she has something to work on i guess while we're at work. and btw, this is a picture i took a few weeks ago but haven't had time to share it yet. this us as a family watching t.v. it's adorable, but i'm bias. and if you're wondering, we did not plan to wear the same pajama bottoms, it just happened. maybe that's why i took the picture in the first place? anyways, those bottoms are the most comfy so we wear them all the time. you're probably also wondering if we staged our feet to cross like that like each other but you are wrong again. we literally both watch t.v like that and i think it's awesome. but most of all,  i just love this picture because it proves my theory that sadie is our real child and acts like a human and even watches t.v. with us. proof!

December 2, 2012

thanksgiving pictures

i know, it's super late to post these. it's already decemember 2nd! i've been so busy but here are some thanksgiving was small this year like usual since my most of my moms side moved to WA state and my dad had to work this year so it was just me, stephen, tasmin, mom and gma and gpa. it was nice though. one of the best thanksgivings ever actually.  so here they are, better late then never i guess. we still haven't gotten any christmas decorations because there has been a lot of things going on this weekend like major dental surgery, a huge concert and church all day. it kinda bums me out so everybody's Christmas pictures but i'll get there eventually. just hoping we can afford some decorations and presents for family members. but you know what? if we have to so a nice home made card for some be it! about to go to grandmas house for our traditional sunday night dinner but i'll post later.