November 12, 2012

today is..

i'm no stranger to being lazy believe me but the clothes i still need to put away, breakfast i still need to make, dishes to be clean, bed that needs making and a fridge that needs to be filled doesn't bother me in the least anymore. i do plan do get these things done some time today but right now, sadie and i are enjoying a day off together. stephen still had to go to work but we will be enjoying the time at home. i love having days off. they make me feel like a kid again for some reason. maybe because when you have a day off you feel relaxed and lazy and forget all obligations. thank God for days off. anyways, i should actually do something besides blog so i'll be going now. have a great veterans day.

oh! and today marks 6 months of being married to stephen! happy half-anniversary darling! love you.


  1. Lazy days are the best!!! I definitely felt this way all last weekend. Cute pictures/ blog!


  2. Your blog is so cute! Love the layout, seems like a perfect day to me :)

  3. Happy halfiversary! =)

    We all have to have lazy days from time to time.