November 16, 2012

the time sadie went to work with daddy

on tuesday i got to go to work with daddy! mom packed all my stuff like my portable martha stewart dog bowl, my blanket and my doggy bags. man, i sure do love my martha stewart bowls especially since i like to scoot it around everywhere and spill kibble all over the floor. so dad took me to work and everybody loved me, like i thought they would. all of dad's co-workers pet me and said how cute i was. i was so cute, dads boss even let me attend the staff meeting! i was held and pet all day and even got to roam around the office by myself. when dad had to leave his office to download content or something, i had to stay behind but i wasn't scared. i watched him the whole time from the window. i took a nap under daddies desk, i smiled, let people love on me, typed some emails and yea...pretty much a good work day. but, dad's other boss said he couldn't bring me anymore even though everybody loved me. someone else brought their dog and i guess he peed everywhere so no more dogs. oh well, i least i got to go to work once!

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