November 13, 2012

the time sadie pooped at the spectrum

the other night stephen and i wanted to go to our favorite outdoor mall called the spectrum. we thought it would be great to bring sadie #1 since we're obsessed in love with her and #2 (no intended foreshadowing) the spectrum is well known for people bringing their dogs and hanging out. if you want to see a ton of cute dogs, go to the spectrum because only people with cute dogs go there. anyways, we took her out wee before we left and we got to the mall just fine. sadie was smiling we were all on our way when all of a sudden sadie starts slowing down. huh? what? i'm a few steps in front of stephen who was walking sadie. i look behind me and i see stephen's face turn into this horrified and "holy crap" face. i look down and see sadie in an arching squat. yes. sadie is pooping at the mall. and mind you, not like a little bit but she manages to trail 5 different small poops all around. stephen and i look at each other like "ughhhh". haha it was so mortifying and stephen tried to bolt but i couldn't bare leaving my own dogs crap behind for someone in heels carrying shopping bags to step in. luckily i had attached a portable dog bag things onto the leash and i just picked up her poop in a hurry hoping nobody would notice. stephen and i start cracking up and run away. luckily it was an area of the mall that was a lot less crowded! good Lord, thank God she didn't do it in an actual store! we would have been dead and maybe even banned from our favorite shopping center. oh boy. or oh girl i should say. sadie, sadie, sadie. what a funny little adventure you've turned out to be. this experience was definitely one of those "first time parent" moments. it  was funny in the end though.
after sadies accident we went about our night as a family and just hung out. we walked around, talked and got starbucks. i love how even though we are married, going out on just a walk to an outdoor mall is so fun and feels like the best date ever. especially adding sadie to the family, we feel like parents and it's fun getting to see each others "mommy and daddy" sides. it's been so fun around here lately. sadie loved sitting under a bench and watching the carousel. we brought a portable water bowl thing and we felt like super cool and prepared dog owners. go us! sadie also got to go in the baseball shop ( where shown above ) is stephen and i's favorite team in lights. that lamp cost like $50 and one of the lights was broken. anyways, i always loose my track of thought. i have ADD when i blog for some reason. oh yea, sadie loved old navy too. two little girls stopped us on the way to pet her. i think sadie likes the attention and stephen and i think it's cute when little kids come up to us. anyhow, that was fun but now we learned our lesson to make sure sadie goes poop before we go to the mall. oops!

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