November 9, 2012

the great sadini!

so tonight stephen and i needed to go to walgreens after work to pick up some medications so we left sadie a little longer then usual. i thought she would be fine since stephen went home on his lunch break but we came home to quite a surprise. it wasn't like she peed or pooped or anything but we were so shocked to see her dog bowl across the room under the record table. we've only had sadie for a week now and she's never done anything naughty before so we had a good laugh and decided her new nickname is "the great sadini" get it? the great houdini? we just couldn't figure out how she could do that because it's carpet and it must have been pretty hard to scoot that bowl across the carpet without completely tipping the bowl over. beats us, but we love her new nickname. oh sadie, we love you so much in just the week that you've blessed our lives. 
anyhow, this week has been really busy ( i'm surprised i'm even blogging right now, and my fingers are freezing) but we've had fun spending time together as a family on walks, laying on the couch and playing fetch in the living room. my final is tomorrow for class and i'm very excited for it to be over. although i'll be taking two more classes in the spring, i'm happy to be getting my saturdays back for now...more time to play with sadie and hang out with stephen. and oh yea, do chores. so besides sadie being a great magician..i got these super cute ( and warm ) slippers at walgreens tonight for $10. two cute slippers for $10, yay! tonight has been a great friday and i'm looking forward to a holiday on monday. three day weekend, can i get an amen?

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