November 11, 2012

sadie's blanket

we have had sadie belle for a whole week now. it was sadie jane because it seemed to roll off the tongue well but we changed her middle name to belle because it's not as "common" and i love disney princesses. but i wish i could say i thought of it, stephen did! it's fun seeing his daddy side come out and watching him interact with her in the way he does is so cute. anyways, it's embarrassing enough we love this little dog like our own child but in the process, we are sure learning the basics of being dog parents. we were blessed enough to get sadie for free from a family who also gave us her bowls, bed, leash, collar and other things. but i notice she was kind of cold in the car whenever we'd go anywhere so i thought i'd make her a blanket! my mom has made small blankets for her dogs and they are great for putting in their bed to warm up. dog blankets are also great for taking in the car because what my mom would do is but the blanket on her lap and then the dog so she doesn't get hair all over before she gets to her i think so! so i decided i wanted to make sadie her very own blanket, her bed looked so warn out and cold....i knew she would love it. my mom ( the dog expert ) and i went to Joann's to pick out some fabric and it was on sale. go us! anyways, picking out the fabric was fun and we went through all the isles trying to find the perfect colors and patterns. i ended up picking two patterns i thought looked great together which was a brown background with caged birds and for the second fabric i picked a light pink polka dot pattern. they went so well together and i didn't want to be like everybody who usually does a background with just a plain color for the back. so we went to my parents and made the blankets. it was so easy, no sewing involved. God knows if i'd ever learn how to sew...who knows how to sew anymore? so yea, that was fun and the minute i finished the last corner i swiped sadie up and practically strangled her in it. ( see 1st picture above ). went home to try it out and she loved it. thank God! because i'd be secretly hurt if she didn't like it. stephen put it in her bed and tucked her in. she curled up in it and fell right asleep. i've been forgetting to bring it into the car but it seems to just have grown into a part of her bed. so lately around the pardini household...i'm finally done with my class this semester and slowly getting my breath back again. life has been a blessing and we're enjoying the season so far. God is so good, all in all He is good. praising Him for getting through the week and a day off tomorrow.


  1. awww! your dog is so sooo cute! i love dog blankets... i have a really small chihuahua, and he shakes all the time, so i always try and keep at least one blanket with us. it gets really cold here in the winter, below 0.

    it was really nice discovering your blog :) i hope that you had a good weekend, dear!

    xox, amber

    1. why thank you amber! wow, below 0 that's insane! your baby certainly needs a blanket! we're so spoiled here in CA.
      thank you for dropping by, i wonder who actually reads our blog. haha

  2. Oh lucky Sadie! She's very well looked after! My brother has a chocolate lab and she's possibly the most spoilt dog ever...we can't help it!

    Lovely photos, she's beautiful!

    Sarah XxX

    1. ugh! labs are amazing! i actually grew up with big dogs like that ( i secretly love them more )

      thank you! considering they were all taken with a phone.