November 13, 2012

sadie is a martha stewart fan

i got a sweater. not just any sweater but a martha stewart sweater. it is super cute and the color looks amazing on me. i also got new food bowls that match my personality better. they are also rubber on the buttom so they don't make noise when i eat. ( mom and dad don't like that very much ). mom said a regular colar on long walks could be bad for my neck so she got me a harness to wear. i didn't like it at first but because it's martha stewart, i decided to give it a try. did i mention, i really like martha stewart? who knew she loved pets so much!


  1. Ha, absolutely perfect! If only my little pup would let me dress him up ;)
    xo TJ

    1. awww. does he tear it off? sadie can't stand things on her head but she'll let us put clothes on her.