November 17, 2012

rain, 7/11 breakfast and sadie's first grooming

sadie's hair was getting pretty long and her tail was looking kind of long and asian. ( no offense to asian dogs ) but i thought she needed a hair cut and a bath since i'm not sure when her last bath was. i made an appointment for saturday morning at the groomers my parents have taken our dogs since i was little. the shop is literally right across the street. not like a block away, but literally right across the street. we walked over from our apartment and dropped her off like normal first time parents. sadie was looking around like what the heck as we were discussing what we wanted for her haircut. i don't think she disagreed but she sure looked a little nervous. we were nervous! but like good parents we tried to mask the fear. i could only picture her coming out like a shaved rat and all those cute poodle curls gone. but to my surprise, she ended up looking amazing and i'm jealous of them because they can get sadie's bows to stay...i can't. i guess i have to figure out something. anyways, after we dropped her off we got some breakfast at 7/11 because it's on the way. classy. i know. as much as this little walk was mundane, i did get some pictures i actually really like with stephen's iphone. i took a picture of the wreck it rakph add because we're actually seeing that movie later tonight with Tasmin and Grandma. we walk back home and i can't help but wonder how sadie is doing. what seems like several long hours (only about 2) we get the call that shes ready and we jam over there. we walk through the door and i see her pitiful and tragedy stricken face almost immediately. a girl was giving her treats because that's the only thing that can console her i guess. haha. it was so sad though. she was shaking and when she saw us she didn't whimper or bark or anything. she literally laid there shaking with this pitiful/pissed off look on her face. i squeal like a 5 year old on how cute she looks and stephen just stands there. typical dad. we walk home and on the way we got 2 compliments from random people on the street on how cute she looks. it's wierd, when i was single i would get the compliments. then when we were dating we both got the compliments...but now...only sadie does. and i'm ok with that. i guess it's preparing me for motherhood when people will only notice our adorable baby. i couldn't help but feel like a proud momma walking her back home in the cutest haircut and a little red bow. ( still jealous how they can keep it on her ). first things first, cuddle time on the couch. and second, pictures galore because i'm obsessed with stephen's iphone and our dog. she looks sooo stinkin' cute and i love how they cut her fur. love it! the end.


  1. girlfriend, i nominated you for a blog award! check out my blog for details.

  2. i love when they get cut and are smaller because of the less fur. Jude is ready to get cut as well. Sadie is adorable!!


  3. She is SO cute. I love how her mouth stays open.