November 3, 2012

meet our new family member!

this is sadie's very first blog appearance and she wasn't shy for the camera whatsoever. we really did find our perfect dog! last night was her first night with us and she did shockingly well in terms of adjusting. she traveled fine and sat in my lap perfectly still and eventually she started to nestle her little head under my arm. she wasn't shaking or crying and she seemed to trust us right away. so she did great in the car and when we got home we let her sniff the apartment and roam around a little. she seemed super happy and even got a little playful. sadie's former parents gave us her bed, her bowls and a few toys to help her feel comfortable. stephen being a daddy now is all about playing. they bagan playing tug of war and fetch right away while i unpacked all her stuff and got organized. ( typical mommy i guess ). we took her out one last time before bed and when we got in our bed sadie came running full speed for the bed. we made a rule not to let her sleep in our bed but we'll see how long that lasts with mr. softy here ( aka my husband ). but we got her bed and brought it into our bedroom and she crawled right in and lay fast asleep. i woke up around 6:30am to check on her and she was still fast asleep in her bed, but she was on stephen's side. is he trying to get her to like him more? i'm not sure how her bed got over there but how ever it happened, it makes me so happy to see how much stephen is loving this dog. he's wanted a dog his whole life and i really feel like with his health issues...sadie will be by his side in a way a wife can't. she is such a little blessing. stephen adores her and i love her to death. sadie is doing so well and we're just enjoying this saturday with her. little sadie, we love you. welcome to your new home. :)


  1. oh my gosh absolutely adorable!! love your little pooch :-) hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. haha she is adorable my dear ;)!! i wanna come over with my dog so they can play while we sip tea :D

    ♥ CheChe

    1. yes! come over so you can meet her, i'm sure sadie will love you!

  3. aww~ what a great addition. she is so cute. and i love your couch and your frames!