November 4, 2012

lazy dog

i love this picture of stephen and sadie asleep on the floor after a fun filled day around the market place. it's just so cute and i love sadie so much already it just makes me smile. anyways, this is the second full day we've had her and it's been wonderful having her around. she loves her toy and has little spurts of energy and plays with us. it's funny because she'll sometimes prefer either stephen or i. saturday we went to the tustin market place to eat at lazy dog cafe. basically the coolest restaurant ever that is dogged themed. any pet lover would love this place but it has super good food too so it's definitely a fun place to be. we sat outside with other dog owners and sadie did a really good job being around other dogs. we tied the leash to the chair and she just sat under his chair for shade. she was super calm and seemed to enjoy herself. we got a few compliments and questions about her breed. got to admit, it was a little fun to get some attention but it made us really aware that we really are dog owners now! after lunch we went to pet smart and got a collapsible bowl for her to drink out of when we're out or on a long walk. i really wanted these cute martha stewart glass bowls but stephen said no. i'll have to go back and get them when he's not around. shhhh. doggy mom already trying to be sneaky. as much fun as sadie is right now for us we can't neglect our household duties so we went over to my parents house that night to do some laundry. while the wash was going we took a break and went to starbucks with sadie. we tried out the collapsible bowl and she drank out of it just fine. it is just so fun hanging out with her and going on little "family" outings. well, it's sunday now and time to rest before going to grandmas house. i can't wait for grandma to meet her! i love this picture we took outside of starbucks too.  i'm obsessed!


  1. Congratulations for the new family member! She is seriously cute.

  2. What a great place to dine with your pet! I love her little smirk too! :)