November 27, 2012

brandon's smile

Brandon's Smile from Jason Shelton on Vimeo.

At 29 years old, Brandon has experienced a lot more than his timid, close-lipped smile lets on. Homeless for six years, Brandon felt the cold and shivered; he suffered the hard ground in place of a warm bed; he endured the shame of downward looks and harsh words from passersby. In short, Brandon is no stranger to difficulty.
But he’s also no stranger to hope.   
A year ago, Brandon found a home, a family, and a new life that surpassed anything he could have expected. But for all that he’s gained, the difficulties of his homelessness have not been completely eradicated.
Malnutrition and lack of hygiene during Brandon’s homeless years have ravaged his teeth, making eating and brushing excruciating tasks. He cannot enjoy a meal or laugh with a friend without the painful reminder of his rotting teeth. His smile continues to affect his entire life.
But he has hope.
Join us as we come together to rebuild Brandon’s teeth, alleviate years of pain and embarrassment, and reinstate his sense of self confidence.
Please help us give Brandon a reason to smile. 


  1. Definitely sharing this (next week?).

    1. yes! please! i know him personally because he goes to my church. thank you for spreading the word!