November 23, 2012

" the 3D was SUPERB!"

 ever notice how elderly people have a lot of nice things to say? for example, if you open a door for a teenager they say "thanks." an adult? they say "thank you" but an elderly person? "oh, golly gee, thank you so much. what a sweetheart you are, that made my day". the end. ok, maybe not every elderly person says golly gee but in my mind they do! anyways, my point is hanging out with grandma is so fun and it was hilarious because we took her to see Wreck It Ralph and she was going on and on about how amazing the 3D was. it was really cute. i also love how elderly people are like kids. some people think its sad but i love it. it is hard to see my grandparents getting older but i love how my mom and i can take care of them now in return. God is so good in the way He calls us to build families and one of the fruits of that is...when you get older your children and grandchildren will take care of you! it's truly beautiful but because grandma and grandpa are getting older we are making an effort to spend as much time with them as possible. i don't like thinking about that day coming but for now, i'm enjoying the time God has allowed and i'm trying to soak in every ounce of spiritual encouragement or everyday wisdom of how they live life. my grandparents have been an amazingly heavy example on me my life and i pray that someday, when they pass, i will be like them. so we went to see this movie and we had a great time. grandma loved the movie, obviously. but it was fun just the four of us. ( me, gma, stephen and my sister ). it's fun to go to a movie date with just stephen and i but going with a few family members just makes me feel like a kid again. i love seeing movies at the theater period. but yea, we had fun and it makes me feel so good to give. grandma kept insisting on paying for the movie but i tricked her by telling her i was afraid they'd sell out of tickets so i ran ahead. genius, right? it made her so happy and i just love the feeling of giving, especially to my grandma who has given to my my whole life. grandma looked really cute with her 3D glasses and kept talking about how she hasn't seen a 3D movie since the 90's or something. she is right though, the 3D has changed a lot and the way they make movies now are pretty spectacular. it filled me with alot of joy to treat my family to a movie. i'm also glad everybody loved the movie, because that always sucks when you go to a movie and somebody doesn't like it. well, i better get going. i have some thanksgiving pictures to post later. for now though, i'm reading other blogs, relaxing on my day off and going to grandma's house again today for a BBQ. thanksgiving feast and then a BBQ feast the next day? only in my family.bye!

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