October 27, 2012

our family of two could be growing....

stephen and i could be getting a dog. we're not super super positive when we'll get her but it's a great possibility. still waiting to hear back from the woman who we're adopting her from for a time when we can meet her. not going to give away too much just in case it doesn't work but she is very cute and a known breed for being a great apartment dog. stephen and i both grew up with having pets highly adored in our lives but this will be our first pet of our own! we are so excited and we can't wait to start a doggie family, we're definitely ready for a dog and for this family to grow a little bit. we can't stop thinking about her and like typical parents to be we are obsessing over what bed she'll get, the trader joe's dog food we plan to get her and eating outside lazy dog cafe with her. picturing her little face in my mind even now is getting me even more exited now! but anyhow, this is a really lazy post but just wanted to share the fun possibility!

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