October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! From .......

Linguini and Colette from Disney's Ratatouille!

October 27, 2012

our family of two could be growing....

stephen and i could be getting a dog. we're not super super positive when we'll get her but it's a great possibility. still waiting to hear back from the woman who we're adopting her from for a time when we can meet her. not going to give away too much just in case it doesn't work but she is very cute and a known breed for being a great apartment dog. stephen and i both grew up with having pets highly adored in our lives but this will be our first pet of our own! we are so excited and we can't wait to start a doggie family, we're definitely ready for a dog and for this family to grow a little bit. we can't stop thinking about her and like typical parents to be we are obsessing over what bed she'll get, the trader joe's dog food we plan to get her and eating outside lazy dog cafe with her. picturing her little face in my mind even now is getting me even more exited now! but anyhow, this is a really lazy post but just wanted to share the fun possibility!

October 11, 2012


being married for 5 months ( tomorrow ) and in our small apartment has taught me alot. i went from growing up in a beautiful 3 bedroom house with a huge yard in the suburbs to a small apartment in a crummier area. i remember the first few nights of coming home from our honeymoon and i literally cried because it didn't feel like "home". the sounds were different, there was no familiarity. there were no pictures on the walls or dirty clothes on the floor. no left over dishes. no music. i had the hardest time sleeping in such emptiness. it took a couple months and now our humble abode feels like "home." it feels good to say that our place is no longer empty, and stephen and i fill the spaces and enjoy every minute of being married.
so, with being in a small apartment here are a few things a humble and thankful heart has taught me:

bottom line, i thank God everyday that we are blessed enough to even have a roof over our heads. Lord, please humble me and help me to always remember what you do for us.

October 8, 2012

halloween costumes in gear

so by the picture you can probably guess what stephen and i are going to be for halloween but let me describe how the month is going so far, first.
october is in full swing with already being at my new job for a month, our church moving locations, and keeping up with homemaking and school. i wish the ideal 1950's situation was true in which i stayed home and cleaned, shopped and cooked all day...but with both of us working....i'm really surprised how tidy we actually keep our apartment. i'm thankful everyday i have a husband who helps me even when i don't ask. i love how we work together in the kitchen and tag team the rooms and clean the apartment fairly quickly. and he does a pretty darn good job too. not like the usual husbands that huff and puff with the "i work all day" so they can't help out around the house. but with school, work, bible studies and family time, things are busy around here at the pardini's but nevertheless we are blessed and enjoying life as a young marrieds.
so with halloween coming soon i started thinking about if stephen and i wanted to dress up. we have hardly any friends so we doubt we'll get invited to a halloween party or anything but we wanted to dress up because we didn't get to last year. ( stephen was working an odd ball job and was working the night of halloween ). so we'll dress up and maybe take my sister and her friend around the neighborhood and also give us grown ups a chance to score some teeth rotting candy.i started looking at couples costumes...some were stupid and some were just horendous! but i went to disneyland the other night and got inspired... the disney movie ratatouille came to mind and i had to laugh because this was the very movie i always teased stephen about because he looks exactly like the main character. what do you think?
so ( drum roll ) we will be linguini and collette from ratatouille! at the costume stores in our town the chef coats were about $40 and the hats between $10-$15 or something. we never got them though because they were never in our size or they were out of stock but luckily we didn't buy them because i found them online for much cheaper. on an actual professional cooking website ( go figure ) they were selling chef coats for $15 and hats for $5. praise God we didn't buy them at the costume store! anyways, thanks to my mom for telling me to look online for a toy remy ( the rat from the movie ) to put in stephen's pocket as part of the costume..because i would have never started looking for the other stuff online. so mom saved the day and our wallets from screaming from crazy over priced costumes. it will be alot of fun and i can't wait to celebrate our first halloween as a married couple. we still have a ways to go but i'm just excited. have a great start to the work week!