September 29, 2012

life lately, according to iphone pics

i can't believe october is already two days away! here is a few iphone favorites from this month. my table already has pumpkins on it...i'm ready!

1.  the cutest fall tissue boxes from target. 2. john and david, boys i used to teach but now babysit since i no longer work at that crazy school. 3. finally got some art for our bedroom. it's probably so not straight on the wall because i didn't use anything to measure, but whatever, it's only a rented apartment. 4. a pic my sister took of a little road in our town. she made it a lot prettier then it actually is. 5. bought some cons for work. i hate the no open toed shoe rule but i got these out of it, so yay me! 6. from our trip to san francisco this september, alcatraz island. 7. little chalk board in our kitchen welcoming my family over for sunday lunch. 8. best song ever to accompony our road trip to the bay area "if you're in san francisco wear flowers in your hair" by scott mckenzie. 9. top knot and scarf saturday. 10. the best ever, grandmas chicken curry when we came to visit. 11. the gorgeous golden gate. 12. grandma and i at souplantation for our traditional sunday night hang out. 13. lucy ( my dog, now my parents dog ) came to visit out apartment. doesn't she look cute on our sofa? 14. hubby and wiffey pic. 15. i love our ring dish! 16. road trip and golden locks. 17. cute sign on the white board welcoming me to my new job at a new preschool! 18. my attempt at hospitality and a fall decorated table 19. stephen making fun of the angles. 20. my mazie girl. love babysitting this funny little blonde.  21. post work out trip to starbucks with my daddy. 22. grandpa and stephen matched unintentionally in shorts and button down shirt. 23. my gorgeous tween sister after a little age appropriate make over at my apartment.;) 24. an argentine girl's favorite cereal discovery, dulce de leche good! 25. midnight sushi snack at this cool revolving sushi place in our town after marrieds bible study.


  1. nice collection of photos! & i have the owl box of tissues on my desk at work. ;) hope you are doing absolutely splendid, dear. ♥

  2. i love your photos for september! how is your october coming along?

  3. owl diary@ thank you! how funny, we have the same tissues! i'm doing well, enjoying this busy married life. how are you?

    jenna@ thank you! october is going too quickly! i did finally get our halloween costumes figured out!

    p.s anybody know how to comment back so the person receives a notification i commented back?