September 9, 2012

labor day weekend in san francisco: around town

Coit Tower, San Francisco 2012 from Danica Pardini on Vimeo.

Aug. 27-26, 2012.
i wake up to dishes clinging and yummy food sizzling and don and stephen talking in the kitchen. it's embarrassing to wake up last but i'm on vacation so it didn't bother me too much. don made us an amazing breakfast with pancakes, eggs, orange juice and coffee cake from trader joes. we love talking with don and hearing all his stories of the good ole' days and his wife that just passed last year. we had planned a little sight seeing but all that was on my mind was going to the first ever benefit cosmetics store downtown. i'm obbsessed with that company and it has been my dream to visit the original location. the sweet guys made it their mission to get there first. we drive through san francisco and i start freaking out when i see the benefit sign. we actually find good parking and stephen hops out to put money in the meter. and the best quote ever soon comes into play. so funny!

don: how much time did you put in the meter?
stephen: uh, we got 30 minutes, that should be good.
don: (laughs) you obviously haven't been married very long.
stephen: (smiling) (laughing)
danica: (laughing)
don: it will take her 30 minutes to just get into the store.

i'm not sure why, but between these two labor day weekend...i seemed to be the butt of the jokes. i don't mind, only because most of them are %100 true! anyways, the gals in the store welcomed me with open arms and it was nice talking to them. they kept asking me about southern california and that they get visitors from all over the world. it was a tiny shop but it was amazing...just like i imagined! one red lipstick, rose powder and eye shadow later, we all went for a drive down lombard street and then a trip to coit tower. coit tower was really amazing and i had never been before. looking over the entire city was really something special and we went a little overboard and took some video.
stephen and i had a great time exploring the city with uncle don. we had many good laughs and i feel like he's part of my family already. there is something about san fransisco that makes you feel so brand new. getting away from my crazy job and just being in this city with two incredible men was a nice way to let go. as much as stephen was re-living childhood was i! my parents used to take me to san francisco every easter vacation when i was a kid. i remember falling deeply in love with this city even as a child and asking my parents over 100 questions each place we went. so all in all, it was a great day filled with laughs, driving, childhood memories and new ones. next to come: uncle don, stephen and i at the a's game later in the evening after coit tower.

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  1. Oh San Francisco! I can't wait to move there. Your photos are wonderful and make me want to go there now. :)

    * Always, Stephanie