September 15, 2012

labor day weekend in san francisco: oakland a's game

September 1, 2012.
we had the pleasure of taking don to an A's game in oakland that night we were in town. we all had a blast and it was awesome to see the A's kick the Red Sox butts! i've been an A's fan since I started dating stephen ( 2 1/2 years ) and this was the first time I saw the A's win live! Maybe it was better luck since we're married now? but all those times i thought i was bad luck was long gone! anyways, don was having fun which meant alot to us since his wife had just passed. it humbles me to know that stephen and i kept him busy and happy with our visit. he is such a sweet, sweet man and i'm so glad he wanted to come.
next to come, our adventure on alcatraz island. :)

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