August 5, 2012

our honeymoon, alaska

here are the scenery portion of pictures from our honeymoon in Alaska and British Columbia. (pictures from the ship coming soon ) it was amazing to spend so much time in the most beautiful place on earth really. we did a bunch of small excursions like the science center, raptor center and the mendenhall glacier which was spectacular. touching 200 year old ice, walking a trail near the glacier, embracing the kindness and humble soul of the Alaskan people, seeing and observing beautiful brown bears at such a close distance, buying home made fudge downtown Juneau ( which the manager knew we were on our honeymoon and gave us free tickets to go up the mountain ), walking along creek street where a hundred years ago fisherman walked on looking for "a good time", witnessing old native totem poles in Ketchikan, hearing the screeching of hawks hovering over cabin like mansions, kissing in the snow, unique coffee shops, seeing history, feeling at home in a place where we've never been, being alone, being one.

it was magical there and i have no other words to describe it's beauty, simplicity and softness of the place. the air was crisp but not uncomfortable. it was so romantic just being all bundled up and sipping hot chocolate on our balcony. i couldn't stop thinking about God's goodness and love as we stared out into the vast ocean as we sailed into Alaska. we had an amazing time and we still think about going back to Alaska some day. i can't believe it's already been 2 months since we got married and took this trip. can't wait for our next trip/vacation as a married couple. seeing God's beauty and peace throughout that land was such a great reminder on the marriage we had just started. it's beautiful. what God does. just. beautiful.