August 11, 2012

lazy movie target day

last week was hectic and a little bit stressful so this saturaday we decided to sleep in and well, sleep in. we had no plans at all really which is the best kind of saturday. we were lying in bed and thought we still hadn't seen the new batman movie so..let's go! we got to theater and all be darned we opened our eyes to the ever cheaper matinee movies. why on earth have we not seen more matinee movies on the weekend?! so our minds were blown and we made a pact to never spend money on a movie if it wasn't matinee. it might not seem like a big deal to you but as a poor newlywed was pretty amazing!

the movie was great and i wore red lipstick which was perfect since cat woman wore red lipstick in the movie. after batman we went to target for parmesan cheese and margarine and walked away with some $5 movies to add to our super lame collection. grandma and grandpa dehoop have been enjoying it when we bring over comedy's so we thought we'd bring these over tomorrow and make them laugh. we've been spending a little more time with them lately which makes us all feel good. they're getting much older but it makes our day to see them laughing so hard to movies they've seen 100 times but just don't remember. it's really cute.

anyways, more news this weekend i got these super cute contact lens case from target and new saline. i recently got my eyes checked out ( i've always been super near sighted ) and came to find that i have an astigmatism which means my eyes are shaped completely differently which casues me to see better/worse with one eye. the doctor said i was deffinitly near sighted enough to wear contacts all the time..i received a trial pair and WOW. amazing. life changing. i see crisp, clean colors and vibrant shapes and WOW...i can read street signs...without my glasses!!! the first time driving with contacts i was saying over and over in my head "i can't believe i'm driving without glasses!". so as you can imagine i'm very excited about my new contacts. also, doing my make up with them on in the morning was a new experience too! i didn't know i had that many freckles! so the rest of the day consisted of me on the computer, stephen watching baseball and both of us trying to stay out of the kitchen and see the over flow of dirty dishes. we usually take turns cleaning the kitchen but today, is a lazy day.

anyways, it's been a great weekend so far with my hubby. hope you're having a great weekend too.
also, honeymoon pictures from around the ship coming soon.


  1. Matinees are the only way to go to the movies! And lazy weekends are always the best, especially after a hectic week.

  2. yes! we've figured that out now and we're so happy! it was kind fun getting out of the movie and it was still daylight.

  3. the first picture is so funny. lazy movie days are so good for the soul.