August 14, 2012

honeymoon, all aboard


gotta say off the bat, my favorite picture is the last one of our swim suits hanging on the drying cord in the cabin bathroom. i'm not sure why i like it so much but i just do.
i'm already nostalgic when i look at these photos. what a romantic , fun, comforting and exciting trip with my new husband. we had so much fun on this cruise ( not just because it was our honeymoon ) and i wish i was on the boat again just me and my hubby.

anyhow, this is the last batch of favorite pictures from the honeymoon. i call this batch the "all aboard" batch. these photos were all taken on and around the ship. we had so much fun on the ship with the cruise director ( who had a really cool australian ascent ) speaking through the loud speakers and telling us the agenda for the day. there were shows, comedians, ice sculptures, fitness classes, basketball tournament ( which we participated in ) and buffets and everything in between. there was always something happening and it was exiting to walk around the ship and see everybody doing something and spending time with their family. we spent a lot of time in the cabin ( duh, it was our honeymoon ) but also in the jacuzzi with drinks just watching the gorgeous mountains and fog roll by. another really fun moment for us was the night that the whole ship dressed up for a very fancy dinner. it was so nice seeing stephen dressed up, he is so cute when he is. ( its rare so i love it ) i also loved dressing up and doing a hot smokey eye. we would pretend we were rich travelers like on the titanic. maybe we're just silly but we even spoke in a english acsent just for kicks. we got a professional picture taken on the fancy night but we forgot to buy them before the cruise ended and i practically cried the whole way home. i feel silly about it now since we do have pictures but he promised me we'd get fancy again and take pictures somewhere else.
but besides the sad moment of realizing we forgot the professional pictures, we loved getting catered to like a queen and king, especially more so because we were honeymooners. ( everybody could tell ) i think we were the youngest couple on the boat. but anyways, we had custom made deserts sent to us from the chef reading "happy honeymoon", cakes and wine waiting at our cabin when we got back from a show...just to name a few perks of being honeymooners. it was fun talking with other married couples and then babbling on and on about advice and how cute we are and good luck. it was really cute to see people just gleam whenever we would say we just got married. peoples eyes light up with deep sincerity, almost like they're going through in their mind what their own start was like. i just loved it. what a great experience. meeting new people from around the world, getting waited on hand and foot and just enjoying a vacation. so amazing. hope you enjoy the pictures. have a happy wednesday. the week is almost done!!


  1. Your honeymoon looks like it was beautiful. Love that on your cruise you faked British accents. Did you go to the stern and shout any Kate and Leo lines? ;)

  2. @alison- we should have! haha we did go to teh stern and it was so uncomfortably noisy and windy it wasn't very romantic at all.

    thank you for the compliment.

  3. I just love the new blog design!

    Your honeymoon was beautiful. Mr. M and I never had the chance to take one, ourselves ... I keep telling myself that we will ... someday. :)

  4. @katie- thank you! designer blogs are great! you should go on a cruise sometime. you and your hubby would love it! it's really the only way i like to travel. i grew up going on cruises and it's the best way to see the sights and relax! best of both worlds.

  5. Looks like fun, and looks like you had a great room! Don't you love that they leave little towel animals each night? I have always thought that was fun to come back in the room and find a cute animal, and chocolate :)