August 2, 2012

fussing and fighting

from the wise words of john lennon: "life is very short and there is no time for fussing and fighting my friend." well let me tell you, this week has been a whirl wind of emotional turmoil. if you don't live in orange county let me fill you in on what's been going on: chick fil a ( a popular restaurant in oc ) was interviewed by a small christian newspaper and was asked what their stance on gay marriage was. Chick fil a only stated that they support the biblical definition of marriage. zippo. the media got ahold of it and all hell breaks loose, saying chick fil a hates gays bla bla bla. so with all the turmoil with chick fil a, chick fil a had made a day ( yesterday ) that you can go to chick fil a to support them in their statement.
so with the background story in tact, stephen and i went to chick fil a to support and he took a picture of the huge line wrapped around the corner and posted it on facebook. 39 comments later of name calling, F bombs and arguing. It hurts that friends of both stephen and i viciously attacking us for what we want to stupport yet we don't say anything to them when they post anything. how is that fair? they all say freedom of speech, equality yada yada yet we can't say what our opinion is? huh? anyways, i can't believe how one picture caused so much angst when i feel nothing hateful was every said on our part.

it just saddens me to see this on my husbands personal facebook page, honestly people. whether you agree with what we agree with...isn't that a little silly to be fighting and attacking someone on their own facebook? it's his facebook, he should be able to say whatever he wants! amongst all the words and arguments and name calling, i'm glad i can say in circumstances like this you really learn who your true friends are. i'm proud of my husband who has patiently and calmly he spoke to the people who were in opposition. he defended me and what we believe in even against his own friends. i hope it will all be over soon but it's hard for to get over all the fighting. i really want to just delete ever body except my family or delete my facebook all together. but...i can never get myself to delete it because i have so many years of memories. ( sigh ) so i'm really bummed and sad by this situation. more so i'm sad because i'm sad, if that makes sense. i should not let those people get me down, i should be happy i supported a cause i believe in and not be ashamed of it. ugh. not a good day.

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  1. This debate brings up a lot of anger in most people.

    I am all for the gay agenda. Everyone should marry who they love, regardless of which sex they are. Why shouldn't they? Why should someone be denied a basic right in 2012 just because they love someone of the same sex?

    We are very lucky here in Australia, gay rights are about to be passed here in the state of my country and although I'm certainly not gay or a lesbian, hopefully one day my grandchildren will be able to look back and say "My Grandma helped change the world."