August 26, 2012

bunch of crazies

so listen here people: stephen and i are crazy. we spent half an hour making up a secret handshake and doing it over and over and laughing hysterically. this weekend has been so fun, starting with going to soak city water park ( even though i'm not completely not sick, that's true love! ) and we spent the whole day going on slides, swimming, making fun of other people and just playing like kids in the water. i just have to say, being married almost four months now ( yes we are the annoying couple that counts the months ) i've learned so much and it's been a blessings in every single way in my life. yesterday after the park we went around the knotts shops out front and we sat on a bench and just started talking. the next thing i know, stephen starts telling me how much he loves me and how much fun he has with me. i got teary eyed, out of nowhere. the way he looks at me, i love seeing that desire and admiration in his eyes for me and just remembering what an amazing husband i have, who takes the time to pause and just say how he feels. the last few days we've done a little bickering and it's so nice to learn from those tiffs and become better spouses to each other.

i love learning how to be a better wife and as the ( very few ) months go by, i've seen both of us change so much for the better. so with that said, i can't wait to see how much we'll change for the better maybe two years from now! but anyway, i love my husband and i love the fact that being married...the dates and fun times are endless!

what i loved about this saturday:
  • trying slides i would never go on before
  • stephen is good at making scary things be fun
  • making fun of obnoxious people in public
  • how stephen gets burned but i just get tan ( it's the spanish in me )
  • laughing like crazy and splashing each other
  • playing like kids in amusement parks
  • not caring what i look like in a bathing suit anymore ( being married has that affect )
  • screaming our butts off on water rides
  • buying the very special knotts boysenberry tea cookies and juice concentrate ( so we can make it at home )
  • making up secret hand shakes
  • playing video games
  • deep talks
  • laughing and talking till midnight
  • reading our devotional before bed
  • waking up to my cute groggy shirtless and sunburned husband

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