August 26, 2012

argentine lunch for mommy's birthday

if you didn't know before, i'm argentine. ( from argentina ) a spanish speaking country that is famous for good looking people. i'm just teasing but only in a sense ( we argentines are pretty good looking ). anyhow, this week was my mommy's birthday so grandma and grandpa came down to tustin to go to church with us and then for lunch. one thing about being from argentina...we love food. and sweets. we love food! my favorite foods growing up were always argentine classics like milanesa and empanadas and it's still a comforting food for me as an adult. we went to a new argentine restaurant right her in tustin which was's so close to our house! it's called del tomate, we had lunch and had a really good time. grandpa and stephen got impatient waiting for the food like always and the three girls ( me, mom and tasmin ) had fun just taking pictures. i love being in an argentine restaurant because it just feels like home. i love hearing my family speak spanish to the waiters and laugh and talk about argentina and how good the food is. when you are a certain culture and you go to a restaurant with that cultures's like automatically you get served like royalty. almost like you have extended family for that meal while you're visiting. kind of weird but it's the truth. for you americans, it doesn't quite work like that but that's just too bad for you.
i didn't get a good chance to celebrate with mom this week for her birthday, but i will still be taking her out to dinner ( and my sister too ) on tuesday. she is the best mom in the world and i appreciate her more now since i've been married. i think it's because i miss her more because i don't see her as often now. but anyways, can't wait to celebrate for that and soon...we'll be driving up to san francisco on friday after work. yay! well, stephen and i pretty much had the best weekend ever and we're super tired so we'll probably go to bed soon. so long.

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  1. those desserts look great and sososos yummmy!

    lindsey louise