August 26, 2012

argentine lunch for mommy's birthday

if you didn't know before, i'm argentine. ( from argentina ) a spanish speaking country that is famous for good looking people. i'm just teasing but only in a sense ( we argentines are pretty good looking ). anyhow, this week was my mommy's birthday so grandma and grandpa came down to tustin to go to church with us and then for lunch. one thing about being from argentina...we love food. and sweets. we love food! my favorite foods growing up were always argentine classics like milanesa and empanadas and it's still a comforting food for me as an adult. we went to a new argentine restaurant right her in tustin which was's so close to our house! it's called del tomate, we had lunch and had a really good time. grandpa and stephen got impatient waiting for the food like always and the three girls ( me, mom and tasmin ) had fun just taking pictures. i love being in an argentine restaurant because it just feels like home. i love hearing my family speak spanish to the waiters and laugh and talk about argentina and how good the food is. when you are a certain culture and you go to a restaurant with that cultures's like automatically you get served like royalty. almost like you have extended family for that meal while you're visiting. kind of weird but it's the truth. for you americans, it doesn't quite work like that but that's just too bad for you.
i didn't get a good chance to celebrate with mom this week for her birthday, but i will still be taking her out to dinner ( and my sister too ) on tuesday. she is the best mom in the world and i appreciate her more now since i've been married. i think it's because i miss her more because i don't see her as often now. but anyways, can't wait to celebrate for that and soon...we'll be driving up to san francisco on friday after work. yay! well, stephen and i pretty much had the best weekend ever and we're super tired so we'll probably go to bed soon. so long.

bunch of crazies

so listen here people: stephen and i are crazy. we spent half an hour making up a secret handshake and doing it over and over and laughing hysterically. this weekend has been so fun, starting with going to soak city water park ( even though i'm not completely not sick, that's true love! ) and we spent the whole day going on slides, swimming, making fun of other people and just playing like kids in the water. i just have to say, being married almost four months now ( yes we are the annoying couple that counts the months ) i've learned so much and it's been a blessings in every single way in my life. yesterday after the park we went around the knotts shops out front and we sat on a bench and just started talking. the next thing i know, stephen starts telling me how much he loves me and how much fun he has with me. i got teary eyed, out of nowhere. the way he looks at me, i love seeing that desire and admiration in his eyes for me and just remembering what an amazing husband i have, who takes the time to pause and just say how he feels. the last few days we've done a little bickering and it's so nice to learn from those tiffs and become better spouses to each other.

i love learning how to be a better wife and as the ( very few ) months go by, i've seen both of us change so much for the better. so with that said, i can't wait to see how much we'll change for the better maybe two years from now! but anyway, i love my husband and i love the fact that being married...the dates and fun times are endless!

what i loved about this saturday:
  • trying slides i would never go on before
  • stephen is good at making scary things be fun
  • making fun of obnoxious people in public
  • how stephen gets burned but i just get tan ( it's the spanish in me )
  • laughing like crazy and splashing each other
  • playing like kids in amusement parks
  • not caring what i look like in a bathing suit anymore ( being married has that affect )
  • screaming our butts off on water rides
  • buying the very special knotts boysenberry tea cookies and juice concentrate ( so we can make it at home )
  • making up secret hand shakes
  • playing video games
  • deep talks
  • laughing and talking till midnight
  • reading our devotional before bed
  • waking up to my cute groggy shirtless and sunburned husband

August 20, 2012

leap of faith

the other night stephen and i read our marriage devotional like always before bed and we came to realize something that's really lacking in both go us. fear and worry. the devotional reminded of us of the very well known verse:

philippians 4:6 "do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

as we read this we both knew exactly what God is telling us. there has been a few issues that are causing us to worry. some about our jobs, health and fineness but all in all..worrying is not the answer. it's hard not to worry about the future sometimes but when you realize how damaging worrying really is, and you remember that our heavenly father wants us to give it to seems so simple. but it's still so hard to do. stephen and i are making huge efforts to pray more when we are in a worry state of mind and sharpen each other to be closer to Him. he has a doctors appointment today because he's been experiencing some symptoms so we're all praying it will go okay and that it's not as bad as we think. i've also been battling a crazy cough and sore throat and still have to come into work ( such a bummer ) so we're both sick together. but anyways, kind of a not so good post...but the point is...whatever you're worried about...give it to God. He makes our burdens light and when we come to Him, he gives us such a warm peace we can't get anywhere else. so all in's about taking a leap of faith and trusting our God to take care of us.

August 18, 2012

life lately, according to iphone pictures

so this has been my life this august. i'm already closing off the month for myself because i'm in san francisco mode and i'm not turning back. stephen and i are going on a weekend get-a-way to our favorite city in california ( san francisco ) in late august for the holiday. can't wait! this will be our second time in the city and we'll be visiting some new things and staying with an old family friend of stephen's ( which will be nice ). we're so excited to go on a new adventure and get away from work and the noise...let's get ready for some san francisco noise! anyways, i better get going because i have a million errands to do ( when i'm sick of course ) hope you have a great weekend.

August 14, 2012

honeymoon, all aboard


gotta say off the bat, my favorite picture is the last one of our swim suits hanging on the drying cord in the cabin bathroom. i'm not sure why i like it so much but i just do.
i'm already nostalgic when i look at these photos. what a romantic , fun, comforting and exciting trip with my new husband. we had so much fun on this cruise ( not just because it was our honeymoon ) and i wish i was on the boat again just me and my hubby.

anyhow, this is the last batch of favorite pictures from the honeymoon. i call this batch the "all aboard" batch. these photos were all taken on and around the ship. we had so much fun on the ship with the cruise director ( who had a really cool australian ascent ) speaking through the loud speakers and telling us the agenda for the day. there were shows, comedians, ice sculptures, fitness classes, basketball tournament ( which we participated in ) and buffets and everything in between. there was always something happening and it was exiting to walk around the ship and see everybody doing something and spending time with their family. we spent a lot of time in the cabin ( duh, it was our honeymoon ) but also in the jacuzzi with drinks just watching the gorgeous mountains and fog roll by. another really fun moment for us was the night that the whole ship dressed up for a very fancy dinner. it was so nice seeing stephen dressed up, he is so cute when he is. ( its rare so i love it ) i also loved dressing up and doing a hot smokey eye. we would pretend we were rich travelers like on the titanic. maybe we're just silly but we even spoke in a english acsent just for kicks. we got a professional picture taken on the fancy night but we forgot to buy them before the cruise ended and i practically cried the whole way home. i feel silly about it now since we do have pictures but he promised me we'd get fancy again and take pictures somewhere else.
but besides the sad moment of realizing we forgot the professional pictures, we loved getting catered to like a queen and king, especially more so because we were honeymooners. ( everybody could tell ) i think we were the youngest couple on the boat. but anyways, we had custom made deserts sent to us from the chef reading "happy honeymoon", cakes and wine waiting at our cabin when we got back from a show...just to name a few perks of being honeymooners. it was fun talking with other married couples and then babbling on and on about advice and how cute we are and good luck. it was really cute to see people just gleam whenever we would say we just got married. peoples eyes light up with deep sincerity, almost like they're going through in their mind what their own start was like. i just loved it. what a great experience. meeting new people from around the world, getting waited on hand and foot and just enjoying a vacation. so amazing. hope you enjoy the pictures. have a happy wednesday. the week is almost done!!

August 11, 2012

lazy movie target day

last week was hectic and a little bit stressful so this saturaday we decided to sleep in and well, sleep in. we had no plans at all really which is the best kind of saturday. we were lying in bed and thought we still hadn't seen the new batman movie so..let's go! we got to theater and all be darned we opened our eyes to the ever cheaper matinee movies. why on earth have we not seen more matinee movies on the weekend?! so our minds were blown and we made a pact to never spend money on a movie if it wasn't matinee. it might not seem like a big deal to you but as a poor newlywed was pretty amazing!

the movie was great and i wore red lipstick which was perfect since cat woman wore red lipstick in the movie. after batman we went to target for parmesan cheese and margarine and walked away with some $5 movies to add to our super lame collection. grandma and grandpa dehoop have been enjoying it when we bring over comedy's so we thought we'd bring these over tomorrow and make them laugh. we've been spending a little more time with them lately which makes us all feel good. they're getting much older but it makes our day to see them laughing so hard to movies they've seen 100 times but just don't remember. it's really cute.

anyways, more news this weekend i got these super cute contact lens case from target and new saline. i recently got my eyes checked out ( i've always been super near sighted ) and came to find that i have an astigmatism which means my eyes are shaped completely differently which casues me to see better/worse with one eye. the doctor said i was deffinitly near sighted enough to wear contacts all the time..i received a trial pair and WOW. amazing. life changing. i see crisp, clean colors and vibrant shapes and WOW...i can read street signs...without my glasses!!! the first time driving with contacts i was saying over and over in my head "i can't believe i'm driving without glasses!". so as you can imagine i'm very excited about my new contacts. also, doing my make up with them on in the morning was a new experience too! i didn't know i had that many freckles! so the rest of the day consisted of me on the computer, stephen watching baseball and both of us trying to stay out of the kitchen and see the over flow of dirty dishes. we usually take turns cleaning the kitchen but today, is a lazy day.

anyways, it's been a great weekend so far with my hubby. hope you're having a great weekend too.
also, honeymoon pictures from around the ship coming soon.

August 5, 2012

our honeymoon, alaska

here are the scenery portion of pictures from our honeymoon in Alaska and British Columbia. (pictures from the ship coming soon ) it was amazing to spend so much time in the most beautiful place on earth really. we did a bunch of small excursions like the science center, raptor center and the mendenhall glacier which was spectacular. touching 200 year old ice, walking a trail near the glacier, embracing the kindness and humble soul of the Alaskan people, seeing and observing beautiful brown bears at such a close distance, buying home made fudge downtown Juneau ( which the manager knew we were on our honeymoon and gave us free tickets to go up the mountain ), walking along creek street where a hundred years ago fisherman walked on looking for "a good time", witnessing old native totem poles in Ketchikan, hearing the screeching of hawks hovering over cabin like mansions, kissing in the snow, unique coffee shops, seeing history, feeling at home in a place where we've never been, being alone, being one.

it was magical there and i have no other words to describe it's beauty, simplicity and softness of the place. the air was crisp but not uncomfortable. it was so romantic just being all bundled up and sipping hot chocolate on our balcony. i couldn't stop thinking about God's goodness and love as we stared out into the vast ocean as we sailed into Alaska. we had an amazing time and we still think about going back to Alaska some day. i can't believe it's already been 2 months since we got married and took this trip. can't wait for our next trip/vacation as a married couple. seeing God's beauty and peace throughout that land was such a great reminder on the marriage we had just started. it's beautiful. what God does. just. beautiful.