July 30, 2012

Our Wedding

Posting these pictures is very special for both of us...especially on this blog. This marks a huge chapter and beginning for us and we are so happy to start this blog up again! With going to school, working full time and settling into our nest it has been hard to finally dust off this old blog...and here we are!

The day was May 12, 2012. I went to sleep as early as I could because advice from brides of the past suggested you'll want to get as much sleep as possible. Yea, that didn't work. I went to sleep around 8 and woke up on the hour every hour. Thinking about the next day, how fun our honeymoon was soon going to be, the dress, getting there on time etc. etc. I literally slept less than 3 hours and hopefully with a ton of make up, professional hair and a drink or too...you can't tell! Everyone went out of there way to make sure everything was in it's place or put here and there for the ceremony and I really didn't worry about anything at all.
First stop was the salon where I would get my hair done by my usual girl Aaryn. She did an amazing job and was so happy with the result. Her eyes teared and so did mine...I couldn't believe in just a few hours I would be MRS.PARDINI! After the hair salon was a quick trip to South Coast Plaza where the cutest transgender would do my make up at the one an only Benefit counter. She was amazing and worked pretty quickly to the point where I was surprised it looked flawless in such a short period of time. I'm a Benebabe all the way and I can't picture my special day without the help of my Benefit girls. :) Anyways, make up and hair in place and now we're ready to go to church and get ready!
We get to the church and everybody swarms, compliments never ending and smiles never ceasing. Allot of people were asking if I was nervous...not in the least actually...until the doors opened! Anyways, getting ready was fun with my Grandma DeHoop, Mom sister and all the women in my family. My best friend brought martinelli's sparkling cider and crackers for me to much on. ( how sweet ) My cousin Alyssa prayed over me continually and I can honestly tell you, it was the most comforting thing. I wasn't nervous at all and I was filled with so much joy and excitement I could hardly stand it. It has finally come and I kept thinking in my head how I couldn't believe that it was already here!
All the girls are ready and we all get in line behind the door. My bridal party goes first and as I hear the music I feel an instant surge of joy and excitement...I can't wait!!!! My Dad grabs my arm and we smile at each other and the doors fly open. I see Stephen's face ( which looks like his smile hurts ) his eyes are beaming and the audience is gawking, crying, flashing pictures...I felt like an absolute princess! I walk up the stage fine, everybody remembers what to do and I'm completely at ease.
The ceremony went perfect with little to no mistakes ( that I could tell ) and I enjoyed every moment of it. Stephen and I wrote our own vows and had kept them a surprise from each other until the day of the wedding. I was so happily surprised at how sweet and romantic he was. I loved staring at him thinking I am the most blessed woman in the world right now! We shared communion together for the first time as a married couple in front of everyone. As we knelt on the bench I remembered all the hard work we've gone through in pre-marital counseling, all the fights we had worked through, all the ups and downs....it was all worth it. It was such a special moment between God, Stephen and I...it was just indescribable. He stood and turned. Pastor Craig announced us husband and wife and let me tell you...THAT was the best moment! To finally here HUSBAND AND WIFE was the icing on the cake for me. It could have all been over at that point and I would have loved to just go to the market real quick just for the sake of going some place with our new rings.But, we had better things to do...like go to our reception! Hopping into my mothers mini van in my dress was quite funny. I felt like a huge blob in a clown car and started to realize how fast I could sweat in this thing! We get to the reception and get in line for the bridal party to make their appearances. Stephen and I of course being last..the DJ announced our names as husband and wife ( butterflies again ) and we came through the hall and everyone was clapping and cheering...such an amazing feeling! Dinner was great ( yes I actually ate at my wedding ) and had a great time. We danced, sand, laughed and ate like crazy. It was so much fun celebrating with all My family and new family! My Dad gave a surprising heart wrenching speech and it was literally the best moment of the reception. The tables and food was so set up so perfectly and just how I had dreamed of. Everything turned out so perfect and I couldn't have asked for anything better on my wedding day. Towards the end of the night the guests started heading out and Stephen and I did our grand exit to the get a way car driven by his friend Chris. And.....we were into our honeymoon! We went to Alaska and British Columbia on a cruise. Highly creative place for a cruise you're thinking, right? Yes! And it was so fun and romantic. Can't wait to post some of our favorite honeymoon pictures!

July 4, 2012

9 Hour Hike "Bridge To Nowhere"

The very start of our hike! We had no clue what was ahead of us!

A quick break to beat the heat.Able to break a smile on this long journey.
Our friend Jesse helping balance across the river.
Yep, just hanging out over a cliff with rushing rivers. :)

After hours of hiking climbing, jumping and trekking we made it to the bridge to nowhere!
The reward after our long and scary hike....a freezing cold swim in the river with a waterfall. Pretty awesome!
We made it! Gotta take a group photo..we all came back alive!