December 24, 2012

bath time

it's Christmas eve! and sadie got her first bath at home so she will be nice, clean and smelling good for grandma's house tonight. shes been getting fleas too so we got her a good shampoo. she was actually very good for her bath and didn't shake at all or seem nervous when we poured the water straight over her head. sadie was a very good girl and it was fun working together to give her a bath. it was also super cute to see our baby all wet. we love her. so sadie is clean, but i'm not. i haven't showered in a couple days so i think it's time i take a bath too. i can't let sadie learn from my bad showering habits. my hair is super gross but at least my dog is clean! wrapping is done, presents ready to go. time to celebrate! p.s can't wait to show you sadie's special Christmas dress! ahh! can't handle the cuteness! hope you all have a very merry Christmas eve!

December 12, 2012

weekend in pictures: citrus grove park

p.s we are learning more and more about sadie. we found this weekend she can FLY. she looks like falcor in the picture above ( from the never ending story movie ). anyways, time for some Christmas shopping since stephen is up in LA tonight for work. bye!

December 8, 2012

life lately, sadie is human and we finally got decoartions!

it finally feels like Christmas time around the pardini apartment! we don't have a tree yet but my mom gave me a cute little table tree which i decorated with some beads and small ornaments. i set it in the middle of the table as sort of a decoration. my mom also gave me some festive leaves, bows and some other things just to start us off with. i also set out our very first christmas card ( from the willhites ) on the table to add to the christmas cheer. so thankful my mom gave me some things to start out with! as you could see from the last post we weren't in the Christmas spirit yet but now we are in full swing. the other day we got a few good deals on Christmas stuff at Walgreen's and we were pretty stoked on that. we're pretty good at not buying anything unless is cheap or on sale...helps allot actually. anyways, we got a wreath for the door, lights for our front window, a nativity scene, garland and these cute gooey window decals of frosty and some snowflakes. the window is pretty large in the front ( it's like our only window ) so we are going to go back and get more decals to fill in the space. it was fun putting everything together and even though it's only a few things, it means allot to us because this is our first Christmas! i'm just thankful we even have enough money to buy silly decorations so yea it's special and i love seeing the decorations in my own home.
i think sadie likes Christmas so far too. she got excited when we brought all the decorations home but soon thought it was overrated because usually when we get home we love on her right away but the other night we went straight for decorating and she wasn't too happy about that. she was like , "um, you're supposed to play with me and adore me right when you get home!". she started doing this low growl/howl thing when she gets excited and she lets out this little soft, low bark when she's trying to get our attention. but i think she forgave us for ignoring her for a little bit that day because sadie loved her Christmas attire! i bought this cute Christmas dress and pajamas at target. i know, i'm terrible. i went there for hair product, fruit and cream of wheat and came out with these two cute outfits. i couldn't help it, they were adorable and i was immediately obsessed. so here we are, sadie has Christmas pj's to wear Christmas eve and a nice party dress for Christmas day. aren't i the best dog mommy ever? she looked so stinking cute in the pajamas, stephen and i were gawking for at least an hour. i love the snowflakes, the little leg/arm holes and the ruffles. the ruffles are my favorite. i have personally never seen a dog in pajamas but i honestly think every dog should wear pajamas. we're humans, we wear pajamas. we treat our dogs like humans, so i think they should wear pajamas too! but seriously, i love target. i would take a bullet for target. i would marry target. i live for target! ( crazy madwoman laugh ).
 anyways, oh yea another thing sadie has been doing lately that's so funny is: when we are at work all day she gathers our shoes and brings them on top of the ottoman and puts them in a neat little pile. i don't know if shes hinting at like, "c'mon guys, it's not that hard to tidy up your shoes." or if she's just bored, or if she misses us but it was funny anyhow. she does that consistently ( along with knocking her water bowl over ) so now we leave a couple shoes behind on purpose so she has something to work on i guess while we're at work. and btw, this is a picture i took a few weeks ago but haven't had time to share it yet. this us as a family watching t.v. it's adorable, but i'm bias. and if you're wondering, we did not plan to wear the same pajama bottoms, it just happened. maybe that's why i took the picture in the first place? anyways, those bottoms are the most comfy so we wear them all the time. you're probably also wondering if we staged our feet to cross like that like each other but you are wrong again. we literally both watch t.v like that and i think it's awesome. but most of all,  i just love this picture because it proves my theory that sadie is our real child and acts like a human and even watches t.v. with us. proof!

December 2, 2012

thanksgiving pictures

i know, it's super late to post these. it's already decemember 2nd! i've been so busy but here are some thanksgiving was small this year like usual since my most of my moms side moved to WA state and my dad had to work this year so it was just me, stephen, tasmin, mom and gma and gpa. it was nice though. one of the best thanksgivings ever actually.  so here they are, better late then never i guess. we still haven't gotten any christmas decorations because there has been a lot of things going on this weekend like major dental surgery, a huge concert and church all day. it kinda bums me out so everybody's Christmas pictures but i'll get there eventually. just hoping we can afford some decorations and presents for family members. but you know what? if we have to so a nice home made card for some be it! about to go to grandmas house for our traditional sunday night dinner but i'll post later.

November 30, 2012

i can't feel my face

if you all must know, i have awful teeth but i don't know why. i brush twice a day. i use mouth wash when my breath tastes bad and i floss when i remember. i NEVER drink soda and i've had the worst teeth my whole life. when i was 11 or 12 i got a root canal and my dad was pissed. "if you don't take better care of your damn teeth then when you get older you're not going to have any damn teeth!" dad usually was just mad at the end of every visit because of how much pain the dollar signs made. but whatever, i was a kid. well now, as a adult.....that same tooth that had the root infected. a gross, vigorous infection. i saw the x-ray and nearly died. all i saw was a huge black hole and started freaking out. it also doesn't help when the dentist freaks out and wonders why you're not in any pain. i love when a dentist says, "wow, this is very bad." she also said i had the beginning stages of some type of gum disease. seriously?! i thought i was doing a good job. what the hell! *pardon my french* i also had a couple cavities but wanted to take it a step at a time and not get overwhelmed like usual. so because the root canal failed the first time ( like 10 years ago ) another root canal would be pointless and just a waste of money. so the only option was for them to pull my tooth out. believe me, i had no idea was in store for me today but let me tell you, i am getting a cleaning every 6 months so this never happens to me ever again! i told stephen that after experiencing this pain...i will be more then capable of giving birth. well, i'm not so sure on that yet but we'll see if one day i'm in the delivery room begging for the dentist to come back and rip my teeth to shreds instead. you never know! but joking aside, my mom picked me up from work early and took me to my appointment. i brought my ipod to lessen the sounds of the drill and hopefully calm me down. i'm the kind of person i get really nervous and i start to feel like i have to go to the bathroom. like alot. it's not nice to talk about on here, but it happens. anyways, she did the cavities first which weren't so bad. but then, oh dear God, Father in Heaven, came the tooth pulling. just so you know, they shouldn't call it tooth pulling. they should call it tooth cracking, yanking and pushing. tools were literally jamming open my mouth while the dentist literally cracked/pulled my crown off. i thought i was going to die. i'm thinking, ok? we're done right? nope. after she popped off my crown, she began cracking away. it was horrifying. to feel my tooth being separated from the root was just traumatizing....and feeling my tooth chips and blood all in my mouth. disgusting. and scary! what should have been 15 minutes took HOURS. there were so many complications like my roots kept getting stuck to my bone, so they had to cut into my bone and keep giving me those awful numbing shots. the dentist was super frustrated and even had to take a break from me probably because i was being such a spaz. i was trying my best but i really wasn't prepared for this torture. i think the actual sound of the tooth coming apart is what scared me. it sounded like this awful grind, rip, crack, pop. (and in that order) and mind you, it was so hard to do because my bone was so strong...she had to cut my tooth into like 5 different pieces to pull. not only that but after she pulled the pieces out, smaller pieces of tooth got lost into this gaping hole which she had to claw and saw out. it was a disaster. it seemed like it lasted forever and after i was done...i felt like i got hit by a house. the left side of my face was huge and i was drooling. i felt pretty sexy actually. my lips were as big as angenlina joli and even had that famous dry cracks in them from being pried open for 3 hours. sexy. they gave me all this stuff to take home, instructions, ice packs and whatnot. what about a sticker? no sticker? what about a free teeth whitening? from enduring all that pain? the way i felt...i was expecting the ambulance to be waiting for me. anything! i guess not.whatever, i just wanted to get out of there. i couldn't talk. i couldn't feel my face and the side of my mouth was throbbing so bad...i have never felt anything more painful in my life. thank God for my wonderful husband and mom. my mom dropped me back at our apartment and stephen met me in the car park. he lifted me out of the car and was shocked to see how much pain i was in. probably shocked to see how i looked! to my surprise ( or not really, because i have an amazing husband ) he had the bed made perfectly and spa type music playing in the bedroom, ready for me to relax. isn't he amazing? the look of concern on his face for me was very cute. but it hurt to smile so i just wrote "i love you" and "thank you" "get me a smoothie!" on a piece of paper. he went out and got my meds and a smoothie. so i'm eating a smoothie with a spoon ( no sucking allowed ) and being taken care of by sadie and stephen. so sweet. i'm feeling a little bit better already. but i'm hoping i'll feel good enough to go to the KISS FM jingle ball tomorrow night. i'm going to rest up the most i can and see how i feel. side note: my little sister won tickets to this amazing concert with alot of big names/bands. we're super excited and blessed she picked us to go with her. anyways, i'm still in a lot of pain but can't sleep. so here is this crazy long blog post. so all in all:

dear stephen,
so blessed to have you. you are the best husband ever for being so sweet and taking the best care of me.
dear mommy,
thank you for insisting i don't drive home after my surgery. thank God! it's funny how i thought i'd be fine. NOT. you should always listen to mom. thank you for taking me and picking me up.
dear sadie,
thank you for being a smart enough dog to know i'm hurt and not jumping on me like crazy when i got home today. and also, thankful for just looking at me with your big brown eyes and making me smile. isn't it wierd how dogs know you're not feeling good? they're so much calmer!

dear oxycodone,
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. thank you. ??? i'm feeling happy!

p.s dear stephen's insurnace,
thank you for being good insurance so this didn't cost a gazillion dollars. much appreciated.  

November 27, 2012

brandon's smile

Brandon's Smile from Jason Shelton on Vimeo.

At 29 years old, Brandon has experienced a lot more than his timid, close-lipped smile lets on. Homeless for six years, Brandon felt the cold and shivered; he suffered the hard ground in place of a warm bed; he endured the shame of downward looks and harsh words from passersby. In short, Brandon is no stranger to difficulty.
But he’s also no stranger to hope.   
A year ago, Brandon found a home, a family, and a new life that surpassed anything he could have expected. But for all that he’s gained, the difficulties of his homelessness have not been completely eradicated.
Malnutrition and lack of hygiene during Brandon’s homeless years have ravaged his teeth, making eating and brushing excruciating tasks. He cannot enjoy a meal or laugh with a friend without the painful reminder of his rotting teeth. His smile continues to affect his entire life.
But he has hope.
Join us as we come together to rebuild Brandon’s teeth, alleviate years of pain and embarrassment, and reinstate his sense of self confidence.
Please help us give Brandon a reason to smile. 

November 25, 2012

Christmas decoration depression

i'm not in the Christmas spirit. and neither is stephen. we're pretty much grumps right now. our neighbors put up their Christmas tree already and so have a million other people on instagram and facebook. am i being pressured by the internet world to hurry up and get my Christmas on? maybe. ok, yes. i hate feeling pressured! i start over analyzing and then getting depressed that our apartment is too small and where we would we put a tree anyhow, and where would i put decorations? on and on and on. so this is pretty much a rant but hopefully after i post it i'll feel better. i'm going to try to get into the spirit, but our wallets also have to be wise judges. one of my friends got married around the same time as me ( so she has no decorations either ) and spent over $100 on Christmas stuff. ugh! not sure how much this decorating business is going to cost...but i guess i'm just a little uninspired right now. i could be freaking out though because this is our first real Christmas together as a married couple, so it's all on us! no more nice 4 bedroom house that mommy decorated so beautifully with decorations accumulated from the 90's! it's my turn! starting from scratch!? on a positive note though, my mother-in-law never decorated for Christmas so i guess if i don't go all out..stephen won't be having some childhood memory withdrawals or something. as much as this decorating and tree thing is getting me weirdly annoyed and anxious...these pictures cheer me up right away. maybe Christmas decorating this year won't be so bad after long as i have these adorable pictures to get me through the decoration depression.

November 23, 2012

" the 3D was SUPERB!"

 ever notice how elderly people have a lot of nice things to say? for example, if you open a door for a teenager they say "thanks." an adult? they say "thank you" but an elderly person? "oh, golly gee, thank you so much. what a sweetheart you are, that made my day". the end. ok, maybe not every elderly person says golly gee but in my mind they do! anyways, my point is hanging out with grandma is so fun and it was hilarious because we took her to see Wreck It Ralph and she was going on and on about how amazing the 3D was. it was really cute. i also love how elderly people are like kids. some people think its sad but i love it. it is hard to see my grandparents getting older but i love how my mom and i can take care of them now in return. God is so good in the way He calls us to build families and one of the fruits of that is...when you get older your children and grandchildren will take care of you! it's truly beautiful but because grandma and grandpa are getting older we are making an effort to spend as much time with them as possible. i don't like thinking about that day coming but for now, i'm enjoying the time God has allowed and i'm trying to soak in every ounce of spiritual encouragement or everyday wisdom of how they live life. my grandparents have been an amazingly heavy example on me my life and i pray that someday, when they pass, i will be like them. so we went to see this movie and we had a great time. grandma loved the movie, obviously. but it was fun just the four of us. ( me, gma, stephen and my sister ). it's fun to go to a movie date with just stephen and i but going with a few family members just makes me feel like a kid again. i love seeing movies at the theater period. but yea, we had fun and it makes me feel so good to give. grandma kept insisting on paying for the movie but i tricked her by telling her i was afraid they'd sell out of tickets so i ran ahead. genius, right? it made her so happy and i just love the feeling of giving, especially to my grandma who has given to my my whole life. grandma looked really cute with her 3D glasses and kept talking about how she hasn't seen a 3D movie since the 90's or something. she is right though, the 3D has changed a lot and the way they make movies now are pretty spectacular. it filled me with alot of joy to treat my family to a movie. i'm also glad everybody loved the movie, because that always sucks when you go to a movie and somebody doesn't like it. well, i better get going. i have some thanksgiving pictures to post later. for now though, i'm reading other blogs, relaxing on my day off and going to grandma's house again today for a BBQ. thanksgiving feast and then a BBQ feast the next day? only in my family.bye!