October 21, 2011


Fall is our favorite season of all time and we can't resist the joy of the new hours and "normal" life we both share now. He can get off work earlier from going in early so we can go on a Disney Date. How cool is that? This job is pretty dang awesome so far, not that he will be getting off early all the time but so far I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I'm scared he's going to become a workaholic since he's on a salary paid job now but he promises he won't.

God is good, I've been staying dedicated to reading the Bible everyday for a few weeks now! My car ride to work is my prayer time and my ride on the way back to work is my worship time.
I had been praying for God to work out something were Stephen and I can get closer to Him. Stephen is now in an intense mens group at church called "Journey". His health is also doing much better and is feeling more alert and energetic and is eating up a storm..yay! We are also going to start going to Young Adult Group on Thursday nights as well. We went for the first time last night and it was amazing.

Thank you Lord for always being good to us. Thank you for continually blessing me and those around me. I love when I see you work and I get so excited because it makes me feel like an obedient child. You are so good God, I'm loving this season of growing closer to you and my future husband, for giving us opportunities to have fellowship with other people and giving us opportunities for great jobs. You know my future, and you it is a future filled with hope.

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