October 30, 2011

cosmic love

Our wedding colors are chocolate brown, antique pink and cream. Things are coming around wonderfully in only a way that God can do things around here. His touch is effortless and beautiful and I think He enjoys planning the wedding with us. It has not been stressful at all, in fact, it's been a huge blessing that came out of thin air. Friends and family come to us in eagerness to help with ideas and help financially.

God has put forth his design in this from the very start on the sand in HB the night he told me I was the one on our first date. He has this cosmic love that is bigger than anything I can imagine. Our love grows stronger each and every day. God has opened door after door allowing us to spend more time with Him and take in the intense love He provides, that just shakes me to the core. May God continue to bless this wedding planning and keep providing.

Right now we are going to start looking at honeymoon options and apartments or condos for rent. Now is my chance to really put into action what I've always dreamed what my future house would be like. I want our house to resemble a quiet, classy and vintage country feel with some bible verse plaques on the wall. I need candles and whimsical music. I want a home of my own. I want to have children and have Sunday dinners at my house just like Grandma. I want to travel with my best friend and fall asleep in his arms in a different country. God is so creative, he plants these deep desires....and if you are patient...he fulfills them. He is so beautiful, in every way. I don't know what I would do without Him.

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