September 25, 2011

weekend of blessings

Weekends are for restoring. Weekends are for fun. Weekends are for blessings and spending time with people you love. I went to Disney Land for the first time in four months with my Mom and my sister on Friday and had a blast. There is nothing like going to Disney when the Fall decorations are everywhere and the feeling of family and magic is in the air! And to kick off the Fall season Steve and I saw Moneyball in the Saturday afternoon and headed over to get some Italian food before the game. Basically a baseball filled weekend but fun nonetheless. Today, is church day and I should be heading out soon to teach my little ones about Noah's Ark. Here is our weekend in pictures! :)

Hope you all are having a blessed weekend as well. Here is a bit of inspiration for your weekend...Michael Frost speaks of "who is the greatest." here.

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