September 9, 2011


I've never publicly voiced my new found disgust for my skin but I'm so upset today at everything that I just need to let it out. So here it goes. I can’t get over these scars. I had perfect, beautiful, stunning skin. That was one of the top things people would compliment me on. Now, after mistakenly taking a generic medicine…I have acne scars. Small dark circles on both my cheeks. No foundation makes me feel confident or happy. They always show no matter what. I hate this so badly I can’t even not cry when I think about it. I hate my pharmacy and my doctor for ruining my life. I took such pride in my skin…and now it’s ruined forever. I can't not wear make up anymore. I have to wear make up now, no matter what. These damned things will never go away and they will probably look even nastier when I get into my 30's. Joy.



My doctor gave me medicine to try and fix the pigment but it’s been 3 months now and nothing. I feel disgusting and worthless. I’m usually not this insecure and dramatic but I am so stressed right now and have my engagement pictures next week and I can’t get this scars to not show. I’m so sad. Stephen pretends and swears on his life that he doesn’t see anything. Either hes a terrible liar or he just thinks I’m stupid and will believe he really doesn’t notice. I’m so lame to even be writing this. The End.

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  1. my skin has never been as flawless as yours but i definitely prided myself on having good skin.
    REcently I developed a skin condition that damaged the skin all around my mouth leaving it permanently darkened and pigment changed... It hurt so bad. NOt just the pain but knowing that it was there forever.
    And after feeling sorry for myself I just cried out to the Lord.
    I told him if losing my face would bring me closer to loving him and loving myself less I would sacrifice the whole thing.

    God uses ALL things girl.
    Your face looks AMAZING!
    But I know how it feels.
    It's your face so you see everything.
    Give it over to your father in heaven.

    There are worse things in life.

    Like not having the man of your dreams want to marry you?!!