September 23, 2011

marriage box

Having a marriage box is something my Grandma did when she was engaged and I think following in her footsteps is always a good idea. She told me stories about how when she was engaged ( for 4 years, yikes! ) she had a marriage box that she would put house hold items like dishes, sheets, cooking things that she would buy when she had extra money. So far, we have a george forman grill, a crock pot, a bundt cake pan, baking sheet, dish rack and TODAY I bought the cutest measuring cups/spoons from Target. It's part of the Vintage Charm collection...they look completely antique with beautiful detail at the top and very round edges. You could swear they look like antiques and I can't wait to actually use them someday in my own kitchen! ;) I like feeling prepared. We don't have much, but we will have one killer kitchen!

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