August 21, 2011

Blessings and Gratitude

This little picture just brings so much comfort and joy into my heart. There is nothing like the simple yet momentous promises from God that really make you feel special. God has been pouring out blessings from every corner lately and they are coming so fast I almost can't take a deep breath and focus on one for even a moment.

Yesterday morning I had a little Legacy reunion ( my last bible study group ) and I was so amazed at how much God has been working in all of our lives since we last parted. It was so nice to be in Suzanne home again ( she is thee best hostess and caretaker ever! ) ( She is the Pastor's wife so that might have something to do with it. haha ) Anyways, we had a lovely breakfast and we all prayed over each other and laughed and carried on like little girls. I love moments like that- when you feel this unbelievable peace and contentment in the presence of godly women.

So much has gone on that I'm just really in awe of how well everything is going- and even if it isn't....I still see God's hand in it so I guess it doesn't really count. :) I recharged my spiritual batteries and reading Our Daily Bread everyday...I really couldn't be any happier. Here is a little monthly To Do list or Gratitude List whatever you want it to be that I wrote this weekend. You can print your own from A Holy Experience. Enjoy!

Lord, thank you for all your promises and the blessings that you've given me this week. This week was a stressful at work with four other teachers gone but your grace got me through the week and what a blessed weekend it has been. You reminded me I'm here for you, I'm working for you and that only you can satisfy my needs. Father, you are so precious. The way you love me as your child and find joy in giving me these gifts. Thank you for my church family, for my workplace and the children of this preschool, for my encouraging fiance and my wonderful family. Thank you Lord. You are so good. Thank you for fulfilling the desires in my heart.

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  1. Danica darling, you have such a beautiful soul. :)